Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's Egregious HP Bias

Today the Huffington Post decided to write about a story in which being gay has now become illegal in more than 70 countries! Truly a tragic and fascinating story about the world in which we live today. Now some of those 70 countries include much of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. You know what isn't one of them? Israel.

But guess what the HP decided to use as a picture for that article?

That's right. Pictures of people protesting gays in Israel. Even though Israel has nothing to do with the story nor is homosexuality illegal there.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, check out the picture used by the Independent:

Someone seeking asylum because he is gay! Much more relevant to the actual story. It makes one wonder why the HP would use the above picture. Maybe they just had some extra pictures lying around and needed to get rid of them?

There are no comments yet, so there is no way to know whether this decision by the editors misled the readership again.

Update: The picture has now been changed to one more similar to the one in the Independent.


  1. What does the picture have to do with anti-gay bias?

    I have a feeling about what the talkbacks will say even though Israel is mentioned nowhere in the actual story!

  2. where are the details about the bedoin villages that were crushed by Jews in Isreal that "don't recognize" there right to exist?

    no spin? Or is that much Irony, even lost on you? Please tell me about bias...

  3. lo and behold! HuffPo changed the picture! But its too late anyway, another 100 or more or so one the fence leftists have now turned against the Jewish state. Maybe Glenn Beck has some points about the left...not that he's much better, but at least he's not an anti-semite, unlike some people...