Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Past Is Past....Except When It's Not

I'm sure I wouldn't be the first person to reference the expression, "Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it" on a blog. The only thing that it is more common to argue about between Zionists and anti-Zionists than current events is the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. One of the things that I find so amazing, though, is anti-Zionist hypocrisy on the subject of the past.

This hypocrisy most clearly takes a very simple form: Misdeeds of Israel's enemies in the past are not happening now, times have changed, the situation is different, so Israel just needs to get over it. But on the other hand, the actions of Israel from decade or even millennia ago (seriously) are continually dredged up and aired out in every single thread.

Here are two examples from this thread if you don't believe me. The first poster thinks it's totally natural that the Lebanese should be skittish around Israel because of Israel's invasions of Lebanon twenty years ago and four years ago. Meanwhile, the second poster completely dismisses the genocidal invasion of Israel by five Arab armies as a "deflection."

It strikes me as very hypocritical for anti-Zionists to expect Israel to simply "get over" the past (including the Holocaust) but not expect the same from their enemies. How many times are the AZs going to wave the bloody shirt of the Nakba while out of the other side of their mouths complain that the Jews play up the Holocaust too much? Nor, I think, would they be particularly receptive if I were to point out that Cast Lead and the flotilla raid all happened in "the past" as well, and it's time that they all moved on from it.

I personally think that the history of both peoples (right or wrong) affects the conflict to this day and neither actions should be dismissed as "off topic" or a deflection, as long as the poster referencing it explains how it is related to the current discussion. Honestly, this conflict is not that long and there are many people who still remember everything that has happened since the beginning. It might be pretty easy for bbsnews to forget about that time Israel almost got wiped off the planet, but it's harder for Israel to do so.

Say what you will about the Zionists on the HP, but at least they are not hypocrites in this way.


  1. The point is Israel's critics keep accusing Israel of deeds that happened a long time ago. Yet they say nothing about continued present Arab intransigence, which has a real bearing on the possibility of Middle East peace today. Waving the bloody shirt in truth obscures the reason peace hasn't been established in the region today. And it has nothing to do with past Israeli deeds or Israeli policy today. But don't look for the anti-Zios to even consider that they are seeing only one side of the picture.

  2. maybe if we don't learn from the past that's the time that it will repeat in order for us to learn from it.