Friday, August 6, 2010

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Gaza Blast Edition

Today there was a massive explosion in Gaza. Eight homes were destroyed! More than fifty people were injured! Why?
"Speaking on the condition of anonymity, camp residents told The Media Line that Hamas was using the house to store weapons. Neighbors said that in the past they had appealed to Hamas to cease their activities in the camp, but were quickly silenced.
“Usually when such explosions occur the armed groups in Gaza announce it’s Israel’s fault,” Hamdi Shaqqura, deputy director for program affairs at the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights, told The Media Line.

“But our investigations often find that this is not the case.
 Sure would be nice if the HP or one of it's bloggers wrote about this story. It might actually convince their readership that Hamas operates in and around the civilian population.

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  1. Hey, they're fighting the evil Xionazis, and they're poor, outgunned, suffering, desperate and oppressed. We cannot judge them for they can do no wrong.