Monday, August 2, 2010

News The HP Doesn't Cover: Bombed Rehab Center Edition

CifWatch alerted me to a story of a child rehab center demolished by a "harmless firework" fired from Gaza.

The HP has been good about letting us know about the latest exchange between Gaza and Israel. Sure would be nice if they covered this...


  1. They have this on the front page:
    Israel To Expel Children Of Migrant Workers

    No mention of France expelling migrants here:

  2. Israel has cried wolf too often. They have created too many false flag operations.
    It is not believable that a SCHOOL for DISABLED CHILDREN just happens to receive a DIRECT HIT when NO ONE WAS IN IT.

    They also show NO BOMB PARTS.

    Just too many suspicious points to be believed.

  3. Anon reminds me of the days of the Intifada, when some claimed that the Hamas suicide bombings were infact Mossad operations.

    So please, no bomb parts? no one was inside? blah blah blah. The antisemi...err I mean anti zionists wont believe anything about israel, even when they see the blasted open school bus, the body parts in the streets and a video of Hamas taking credit for the "martydom operation".

  4. Let's see: we have a commenter who is Anonymous even by the standards of Internet posting, makes it clear he doesn't like reading a factual account that offends his worldview, and does so through conspiracy-based theorizing that doesn't rise to the level of thought processing that would earn the descriptive "stupid". BoJ, your critics have delurked here and through this emissary revealed themselves to be furious at your reporting and willing to humiliate themselves to express that. You have arrived!