Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lebanon Shootout Conclusion

It is beginning to look like all the news surrounding the recent shootout between the IDF and Lebanon's military is winding down. The HP certainly has moved onto other topics for it's world section. I just thought I would note the comment dichtomy:

The original thread, in which we didn't know what exactly happened, accumulated about 1700 comments.
Then the second thread, which seemed to vindicate Israel (and it turned out it did) led to 900 comments, a little more than half.

In both cases the HPers continued to cling to their assumptions that Israel was in fact wrong, either in that they did cross the border (they did!) or that their tree-trimming operation was a 'provocation.' You can also check out the second thread to see a whole lot of off topic Israel bashing and deflections.

I do think this incident was informative because it showed us what happens when the anti-Zionists are confronted with a story (covered by the HP) which showed Israel to clearly be in the right. It is not a pretty picture.


  1. Are you a complete idiot?
    The UN has not issued a final report.

  2. won't even cover it. They're too busy turning the whole Ground Zero mosque issue into an issue about how stupid and evil the Jews are.

  3. They will find a way to blame Israel.

    If you guys and Trudy are interested, the Elder Of Ziyon has brought up an ad from a group called which is replete with lurid anti-Semitic pornography that would have made Julius Streicher proud.

    I point this out only because a referred journal like Foreign Policy would never allow an ad to run that depicted blacks in a racist manner but its open season on the Jews.

    Yup, anti-Semitism is fashionable again!