Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade: HP Can't Help But Editorialize

The other day Jerusalem hosted a gay pride parade for Israel's LGBT community. The Huffington Post covered it, which is surprising in and of itself, but of course it can't help but throw in opinion: "Jerusalem Hosts Subdued Gay Pride Parade." The reason why it is subdued, of course, is because there were more than a few protesters. In fact if you look at the article there is more about the hardships the LGBT community faces in Israel than it's strengths.

Fortunately, that didn't stop the HPers from mostly looking favorably on the march and Israel for hosting them. The anti-Zionists who always claim simply to have a problem with Israel's actions and not Israel itself were nowhere to be found. Informative, no?


  1. What is revealing of course is gay rights don't exist in the Arab World and you never ever hear them say a word about it because it can't be blamed on Israel!

  2. Norman, its simple. The Marxist idea of class struggle, with poor as the proletariat, the middle class as the bourgeoisie, and the rich as the landlord class, has been transformed into the Muslims and especially Palestinians as the working class, America and other Western nations as the bourgeoisie, and Israel as the landlord class by the far left. This is why the leftists never complain about Palestinian (and) Islamic terrorism.