Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Israel-UN Cooperation; HP No Longer Interested

When it came to Israel's raid on the Mavi Marmara a few weeks ago, the Huffington Post couldn't stop writing about it, as you may recall. In the case of the of the Mabhouh al-Mahoud assassination, the HP is continuing to publish stories about it months after it happened. It's pretty clear at this point that the Huffington Post loves stories of Israel's alleged wrongdoing even weeks later.

Although it is old news now, the Huffington Post still has yet to cover Israel's decision to cooperate with the UN investigation of the flotilla raid, though with preconditions as always. Though in all fairness they did let Israel-hating Phyllis Bennis publish an article about how Israels cooperation isn't really cooperation. Very informative.

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  1. Good news about Israel is no news.

    The anti-Zios don't want anything to appear that contradicts their case that Israel is the scourge of the world.