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British PM and Turkey: Rue, Britannia!

well, of course, if Zionists dominate those nations already. and, if they do not, then they can manipulate the political systems and the media to pretend they do not. perhaps even at some point they can attached themselves to India and China as well.”

British PM and Turkey: Rue, Britannia!

Hey, i resemble that remark, EXCEPT for my best friend 22yrs/best man at my first wedding, 4 professorial mentors, the Three Stooges, Noam Chomsky, Karl Marx, Dr. Carl Sagan ...”
[my best friend is Jewish, I can’t be an anti-Semite…]

Catholic Patriarch Blasts Israel For Allowing Gay Parade

Because it is Israel. Israel is run by Zionist not Jews, per se. Zionist are concerned about Jewish birth rates and conversions. Please follow Israeli news items over at least the last month. It is not just about who is a Jew, but who can make more Jews. Remember, Zionists like to change the facts on the ground. They would also like to change them in the womb. Look at all the sperm donations the Israeli soldiers made before invading Lebanon. Only the Nazis would have done as much DNA testing as the Zionists have done in Israel. Also the sociological trends are against Israel: wealthy, educated, Jewish, atheistic, agnostic, and Gay/lesbian people tend to have fewer children. That will hurt Israel in the long-run and Zionists prefer the opposite. All of this is, unfortunately, part of the Israeli-Palestinian equation determining either a one or two state solution, if any.”

Catholic Patriarch Blasts Israel For Allowing Gay Parade

I can not help notice all the religious baggage and real hate on this issue. Let's get real: Jews have defeated the WASPs/Protestants with respect to economic wealth and political power in the West. Jews are defeating the Catholics in the West and through out the world over social issues, social status, and influence on popular culture, except in South America. Jews are battling Muslims, but are losing in terms of sheer numbers, but have the military might to destroy a large percentage of them. Zionists need another war, especially against Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas in order to defend or expand Israel and make the world more secure for their wider participation.”

Catholic Patriarch Blasts Israel For Allowing Gay Parade

The last part is totally untrue. I have published and taught on human rights. Populating is not the same as exterminating, occupying, or removing, unless you are either a Nazi, Soviet, or zealous Zionist.”

British PM and Turkey: Rue, Britannia!

Not only is Israel a strategic liability for the West and especially for the USA, it is also a moral or principled liability. That one-two punch is extremely difficult for the West to handle in today's world, as well as over an extended period of time. I am afraid that the UK and USA pressure on Israel is either too little too late or is a cosmetic sham. If so, Zionists will find some way to rally the troops and their supporters, including governments in the West, to go to war in order to change the calculus.”

British PM and Turkey: Rue, Britannia!

No, the center of Zionist decision-making policy will continue to be primarily located in London, supported by Paris, whenever possible. I surmise Washington, supported by NYC, will remain the primary core for the execution or implementation of policy well after Obama (and Cameron) are gone. So you will be in luck.”

British PM and Turkey: Rue, Britannia!

The worst case for British servitude has been the elimination over the generations of a truly profession foreign office which typically possessed so-called Arabists. Zionists pushed for the political takeover of the British foreign office, as they would do in the USA, and more currently in Canada. Not only are these nations expected to bury truth and ignore considerations of justice, but they are also required to neglect their individualized national security interests for the sake of Israel. Believe it.”

British PM and Turkey: Rue, Britannia!

There were and are many factors in Britain's long term secular decline. Some include Zionist support or push for WWI, Zionist export of capital abroad as British economic imperialism, Zionist support for an overextended British empire, Zionist British bankers and financiers transferring capital to the USA, along with hegemony.”

What AntiSemitism Is (And Isn't)

From Congress in 1922: the language was written up by either ignorant people or politically motivated Zionists. Zionists had already influenced British and American governments earlier in WWI and the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution to create the Soviet Union. So readers, do not be fooled by this seemingly "legitimate" misinformation. I have books from 1888-1920 which show pictures of nice Arab towns and villages throughout Palestine. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were there from 1880-1947 until the catastrophe.”

What AntiSemitism Is (And Isn't)

Yes, and then imagine what little support Israel would have if the American people only knew the historical truth about Zionism, both theory and practice, relative to the Palestinians, as well as against American national security interests. Imagine if Zionists had not dominated virtually all sectors of American society for many generations. There would be little if any support for the Israeli states except from hard core Zionists and Christian Zionist zealots.”

Israel: We Choose Trees

Do not think for a moment the current despicable and inhumane Israeli governmental policies and actions covering the last 10 years are anomalies and aberrations, especially under the Netanyahu regime. If anything, they have been the norm since the dawn of the modern Zionist movement and the establishment of the Israeli state. One of the main reasons we are aware of such more now than over the previous 50 plus years is because of advances in technology existing in more and more hands, especially the Internet. Zionists are working hard to try to eliminate or regulate our freedom on such. Let us hope it is too late for them, but not for us. As for the bedouins, they were likely there thousands of years before ancient Israel and two thousand years before modern Israel. The Burning Bush? Just homes!”

To the Chorus of Chronic, Compulsive Critics of Israel

Israel is an artificially created, colonial state.”

Embracing Israel, Justice and Peace

That is one of the problems with a self-centered people. Just how historically significant were they, really, in the history and evolution of the Middle East from 10,000BCE to about 1900? The answer can not be found truthfully in their or the Western-dominate literature.”

A nice heart felt article. But why do we have one Zionist author after another on this site. How progressive is that? Why not provide the Palestinians with "equal time" here? Too afraid that the victims would score too many (truthful) points? The distress signal has been sent and the pressure applied by pro-Israel supporters: I can tell just about the time PM Netanyahu went on TV for interviews, especially Larry King Live, that the overall Zionist ploy for propaganda reasons was to show the supposedly more liberal, personal, humane, idealistic, generous, and noble side of Zionist Israel, as we have been seeing here on the site. When in reality, AIPAC, the current regime, and the Dershowitz's and the Pipe's of the world are just biding their time for the next horrific move. I surmise that this site is now being used by non-progressives to influence one of the few historically fair sites when it comes to Middle East issues. If I am wrong, then you are bending over backwards for the wrong people and state!”

Israel Needs a Palestinian State

Most good and pure libertarians support the Palestinians on the basis of their individual property rights being stolen without compensation by the Zionist. What the Rothschilds and others could not buy up, they stole through coercion.”

La Condanna Dona Dona

Arab males can not help the fact that Jewish males are, by and small, poor lovers too.”

Christopher Hitchens: Israel Needs To End The Occupation To Truly Join The West

Blind support for Israel, particularly among non-Jewish/Zionist people, is a function of many factors: real lack of historical and political knowledge, extreme Judaeo-Christian biases; a virtual Zionist monopoly on news and information or propaganda for generations, a holocaust rather than a WWII narrative pushed or given priority for 65 years; Hollywood and academia; natural racism, consciously or subconsciously, against darker complexioned people; and, considerable and growing Zionist wealth, power, and status over 125 years in the West, without much competition until relatively recently in the USA, among others.”

The Jews Control Everything? I Want My Share!

I did not read that one, but I remember her saying that, "Israel is a Nazi-state." I never new she was so perceptive, sensitive, and honest. I do want her to sing the star spangled banner over again, but this time with Hendrix in the background.”

The Jews Control Everything? I Want My Share!

Possibly, some Jews, especially righteous ones that many of us know or live next to, or for instance the best man at my wedding, have been or are unaware of the wealth, power, and status of some of their coreligionists, many of whom are Zionists. In my measured opinion, the last 500 years or so in at least the Western world have been largely shaped or put into a direction by Jewry. If we keep it to just the USA, even Marx as early as 1843 in "On the Jewish Question" discussed Jewish domination of "North America" in terms of a broad-based mixture of religious mentality, economic objectification, and financial control. The WASPs have been in a long-term decline to the point of almost being irrelevant and the Catholic Church, if it ever was totally independent, is on the defensive in more ways than theology. When you add up all of the outside infuences on the American political economy, I would not put Arabs and Japanese at the top of the list, but rather the English and Dutch coreligionists mentioned above. And, I say all of this affectionately. For historical works and validation, perhaps, read the first editions, not the cleansed later editions of Jonathan Israel's books on the role of world Jewry in the world economy since 1450.”

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