Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guest Post: MJ Rosenberg and the AJC

Our buddy MJ Rosenberg has written a blog post about the American Jewish Committee's decision to oppose the so called "Ground Zero Mosque", which is now a moot point as the Islamic center has received permission to proceed with construction. Nevertheless, BoJ reader "Ira Von Smackdownberg" has written a response to Rosenberg's blog post.

MJ Rosenberg writes: I have to admire the AJC -- the ADL's twin -- for opposing the Muslim center near Ground Zero but for scoring points by not being as racist about it as ADL.

Reality Check: MJ Rosenberg is being dishonest in his very first sentence. The AJC is not "opposing the Muslim Center." As the article he references states, they simply want to be clear who is funding it and that the views of the people who will run it are not pro-terrorist. That is different from "opposing" it. But MJ Rosenberg never lets accuracy get in the way of his attacks on anyone in the world who cares about Jews or Israel.

MJ Rosenberg writes: Instead of just saying "hell, no" to the mosque, David Harris, the neocon head of the AJC, says "yes, but."

Reality Check: Well, of course. Just about everything in this world has some sort of "but" attached. Doesn't mean that's a bad thing. [Matt: It's also not like they need the AJC's permission to build, Harris was just writing what he would prefer.]

MJ Rosenberg writes: He is all for building the center if it addresses some "concerns." It's like me saying that I will endorse Glenn Beck if he would just address my concerns about his right-wing politics 

Reality Check: No, it's not like saying that at all. It's merely saying that they are OK with it as long as a few concerns of theirs are addressed. As long as it isn't funded by terrorists and they don't support terrorists, there aren't any other concerns. Which is perfectly valid. Unless of course you are MJ Rosenberg, in which case everything that any Jewish or pro-Israel organization does is evil and wrong.

MJ Rosenberg writes: Imagine if the American Jewish Committee (and its sister organizations) were held to that standard.

Reality Check: Why would they be? Synagogues aren't breeding ground for terrorists. Most mosques aren't, either. But a couple are [Matt: especially Palestinian ones]. Including some associated with the destruction of the WTC.

MJ Rosenberg writes: AJC's building on 56th Street would have to be unbuilt until AJC condemns the slaughter of 1400 Palestinians in Gaza in 2008-9 (including 432 kids).

Reality Check: No, because when Israel attacked Gaza, it had nothing to do with stuff being preached in a synagogue. It was because Gaza was firing thousands of rockets into Israel, until Israel was forced to respond with a full attack. MJ Rosenberg likely knows this, but because he appears to be totally obesssed with demonizing Israel and anyone who protects or speaks up for Israel, he isn't writing it. Either that or he's just a disgustingly incompetent writer who has no business ever being listened to on this subject.

MJ Rosenberg writes: Also, the AJC would be shut out of its building until it condemns the carpet bombing of Lebanon in 2006, including the use of thousands of cluster bombs still embedded in the earth. The list is pretty endless.

Reality Check: Again, Rosenberg paints a dishonest, inaccurate picture. None of that was because of preachings in synagogues. It was about protecting the country of Israel from attacks from groups who actually do sit around in mosques and rant crazy garbage about "destroying the Zionists."

MJ Rosenberg writes: And, the AJC has never opposed any of these acts of terror.

Reality Check: Israel protecting itself from Gaza rockets is not an act of terror. Israel protecting itself from Hezbollah in Lebanon is not an act of terrorism. Unless you're MJ Rosenberg, in which case if Israel drinks a glass of water, it's an act of terror.

MJ Rosenberg writes: Nonetheless, AJC issues demands that the Cordoba Center, which has never endorsed violence, repudiate terrorism (which it always has).

Reality Check: If the Cordoba Center has always repudiated terrorism, they should have no problem doing it again, right? DUH! It's not a lot to ask. Unless you're MJ Rosenberg, in which case ever questioning any mosque anywhere is an evil thing, whereas always accusing Jewish groups who protect Israel of anything wrong is always the way to go.

Big thanks to Ira for his submission. 

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