Monday, August 2, 2010

The Cyclical Lives of Palestinian Civilians

As I know we have discussed before, waving the bloody shirt is one of the staples of Israel's detractors on the Huffington Post and elsewhere. What this amounts to is listing atrocities (real, imagined or exaggerated) by Israel and pretending that Israel's enemies have never committed any wrongdoings of their own. Most of the time this takes the form of morality by numbers which are quoted endlessly without context such as "Israel killed 1400 people in Gaza."

The trouble with this tactic is that it needs bloody shirts to wave, and the casualties need to be fresh. Even Cast Lead at this point is becoming pretty old, which is why the anti-Zionists have switched to flotilla raid instead.

Where this becomes a problem is that the anti-Zionists become dependent on more and more civilian casualties in order to keep using their favorite tactics. This leads to a cycle which goes like this:

-Hamas needs outside support.
-The outside supporters need bloody shirts to wave.
-Therefore, Hamas needs to keep creating bloody shirts for their supporters to wave against Israel.

This cycle will continue and the only thing it will produce is more civilian casualties. Hamas will continue to use tactics that get them results as we have discussed. And the AZs will keep waving the bloody shirt as often as they can in place of any other kind of reasonable argument. And this cycle will keep going and going and going until it is broken: Hamas can no longer need supporters from the outside denouncing Israel (not very likely), or until Hamas supporters grow a conscience and stop treating the lives of Palestinians as talking points. Unfortunately, this isn't very likely either.

It might sound cold to say, but in order for Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups to stop putting their own people at risk, the outside world has to stop falling for that tactic. I'm not asking us to be happy when Palestinian civilians die, or for us to look away. But I am asking us to recognize why they are doing and who to hold responsible for their deaths. Only when we stop falling for lies will the conflict began to be solved.


  1. I would like to see the world stop falling for Palestinian lies.

    For that to happen, the world would have to stop viewing Israel as being exclusively responsible for resolving the Palestinians' problems. When the world begins to demand accountability from the Palestinians, are we going to see real progress made towards solving the conflict.

    Such a paradigm shift is not going to happen any time soon.

  2. When your homes are taken from you because Europe feels like rewarding an oppressed group of people for a crime you didn't commit, wouldn't you be angry too? It seems like everyone is quick to respond harshly to Palestine, but aren't they just a group of people who are fighting for their homes and history?