Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blowback from Goldstone

Yaacov Lozowick has pointed out a Robin Shepard article about the possibility of allegations of war crimes being leveled at the US military for its actions in Afghanistan. Shepard discusses how the US and the other Western powers just sort of stood by and let the UN create an extremely binding code of conduct for fighting wars and attack Israel with it, culminating in the Goldstone report. When the fire was on Israel for fighting an enemy using human shields, etc., even the US didn't do much beyond reject the findings of the Goldstone report. But Shepard predicts that now those same criteria might be used to accuse the US of war crimes, and then suddenly the US would care quite a bit.

This is, of course, what us pro-Israel people were saying all along. If a judge says that if you are fighting an enemy, and that enemy decides to fight out of civilian structures and use of human shields, you are still guilty of war crimes, that is the single greatest reason for your enemy to continue using such cold-blooded tactics. By failing to understand Israel's dilemma between self-defense and avoiding enemy civilian casualties, Goldstone et. al. are encouraging the terrorists to continue using those tactics. Only by declaring the use of human shields, etc., to not be a reason to attack a target will we see the use of human shields cease. The US government, Shepard predicts, will come to this realization soon enough.


  1. It's probably pointless to suggest that the US would ever bother to worry about being investigated by the UN or the ICC. They would simply ignore it.

  2. Countries with veto power in the UN don't have to worry about a theoretical possibility of being investigated for war crimes. They can squash it.

    Its rightly seen only as the Jews' problem and the world doesn't have a problem with Israel being harassed by such charges in the future.

  3. Empress, having seen what these Spanish judges do and British activists do, this is actually something to note. Soon, it could be OUR diplomats, former Presidents who have arrest warrants in these countries, ESPECIALLY with the creeping Islamization of Europe.