Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day

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  1. This stuff is tame compared to any random collection of comments to any Glenn Greenwald column at There you can see posts openly calling for the mass extermination of all Jews, expulsions of all Jews from America or at least all public jobs and academia, open support for Nazis, denies the Holocaust and such. And not a one of them is ever deleted. Ever. In fact Greenwald maintains a personal control on all comments to his columns and he and he alone decides what is deleted and what is not. A good rule of thumb is that any comment which either contradicts or argues with Greenwald or in any way questions that Jews are bar none the most evil infection ever thrust upon the planet, they will be deleted.

  2. No Trudy, you're dead wrong.

    If you want to discover where they really hate the Jews, visit Stormfront.

    It seems like the world is becoming more Stormfront these days. And the HP still seems comparatively rational but when anti-Semitic sickness persists there, we are far from seeing an enlightened world.

    By that I mean one where the Stormfront-type anti-Semites are relegated to the fever swamps of society.