Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who Really "Plays the Victim?"

One of the most common accusations thrown against Israel and it's supporters is that they "play the victim" of Arab aggression when they really aren't. Of course the AZs can't provide any specific examples of this but it doesn't stop them from ranting about it in general terms. For example:
elisha job
Israel crying and playing the victim card is old, stale and tired. The world is waking up about Israel.
But of course one must wonder: Who is really the ones who wave the bloody shirt and claim to be "the victims" of aggression? Let's check out that very same thread (the Iron Dome one) and see what examples we can turn up. Here's what I got from the first page alone:

Israel has killed tens of thousands of civilians during their occupation.

Your Israeli IDF blow up civilian women and children.
They use weapons designed for maximum civilian casualties.

Compared to the tens of thousands of civilians Israelis have killed using weapons paid for by American taxpayers?

We're spending $2billion a year for Israel to occupy and subjugate the people living in the West Bank and Gaza.
They began clearing out towns and villages of Palestinians. They attacked Haifa, Jaffa, Castel, Tiberias, Tell Rish, Yazur and Salameh and many others. Also don't forget the massacre at Deir Yassin.

And the Arabs subjected to massacres at the hands of the Jewish terrorists (Stern Gang-Lehi, Haganah, Irgun well before 1948 and after Israel became a state (as well as the IDF).

Yes fanned If the super IDF was the best military on the planet they would have invaded and occupied Gaza. destroyed Hamas and pulled out.
Instead they bombed , killed and brutalized the civilian population. 
 I guess we have our answer for "who plays the victim card" don't we?

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  1. The Palestinian Arabs are the HP contributor on "8 Reasons For Leftists To Defend Israel" noted, exempted from having to be responsible for their own fate. And the anti-Zios do them no favors by playing the victim card over and over again.

    And we know now its not their interests they truly have at heart.