Friday, July 30, 2010

What Do the BDSers Want?

Seeing as how we just discussed this topic, I thought I would share a video found by Elder of Ziyon about the BDS movement's true motivations:

I learned some things such as that BDS is very much against Israeli-Palestinian cooperation and a two state solution, and will actively work against it if they could. Here are some other interesting quotes.

"The right of return will extinguish Israel as Jewish state, and that is not an option."
-President Obama.

"BDS will help bring about the defeat of Zionist Israel and victory for Palestine."
-BDS activist Rossie Kasserof (?)


  1. BDS is about the destruction of Israel. Those pushing for Israel's isolation are again are not seeking to force a change in Israeli policy; they are seeking to force the eventual demise of the only Jewish State in the world. So let's remember why there is a boycott, divestment and sanctions directed against Israel. The Nazis did the same the thing in Germany against the Jews after they came to power in April 1933. And the act of economic isolation of the Jews was the father to the gruesome deed of wiping them out later.

    History changes in the blink of an eye and yet those who hate the Jews, their objective has always remained the same. Let us never lose sight of it.

  2. BDS=Bondage, Dhimmitude, and Sadism