Sunday, July 11, 2010

"They Should Not Be Allowed Any Liberties..."

Even by our standards, this post by anti-Zionist Perry Winkler is unbelievable in it's selective outrage and moral egocentrism:

I'm not even really sure where to begin. Calling for collective punishment of an entire society would be considered abominable if that society were Palestinian, but I guess since it's Israel it's okay to deprive of their basic human rights. Oh, and before someone tries to make the law argument, I should remind you that the legality of the occupation is not in dispute, it is legal. What is in dispute is things like the settlements and the security barrier, but not the occupation itself.

This is just another sign of a troubling tendency among HPers (and others) to simply make up a pretext for holding views that in any other situation would be considered outrageous and immoral. To advocate collective punishment of China for it's actions in Tibet would be laughable, but because Israel is small and weak such injustice could be actually considered. If so, that makes for a gloomy outlook for small and weak countries worldwide. All an outside observer needs to do is declare something the government has done to be "illegal" (even if it isn't) and then it's off to the races. If that isn't fascism, I don't know what is.

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  1. What is interesting about this analogy, Matt and Zach, is those on the Left like Winkler, are the folks who have been fighting hard to have voting rights restored to American felons!

    Apparently, here is another irony lost on the anti-Zio crowd when they insist Jews are felons whose voting rights ought to be taken away from them. That brings me to another equally interesting aspect of this tangent. Normally, leftists are all in favor of showing understanding and sympathy for felons. Here again an exception is made for the Jews.

    Then we begin to the see the Left take a hard line on dealing with them more harshly than they would ever dream of dealing with felons in our own country. What it all up to is Israel - and the people who live in it - the Jews are not deserving of compassion, understanding and basic human rights the Left thinks the most undeserving in American society ought to have as a matter of birthright.

    Unless those undeserving are the Jews and then of course they deserve everything they get coming to them. The more things change...