Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some (More) Perspective

On the recent Iron Dome thread:

 That's only one example of seemingly endless complaints about how much this is costing the US. The AZs switched their tactics from "hating Israel" to "suddenly caring about America above all others." And two hundred million does sound like a lot. But consider a 2008 bill that called for:
"$165,200 to the widow of Rep. Charles Norwood (R-Ga.), a promoter of patients’ rights legislation who died of cancer and lung disease in February, three months after he was reelected.
--$4 million for the Office of Women's Health at the Food and Drug Administration.
--$5 million for tropical fish breeders and transporters for losses from a virus last year.
--$25 million for spinach that growers and handlers were unable to market, up to 75 percent of their losses.
--$50 million “for asbestos abatement and other improvements” to the Capitol Power Plant.
--$60.4 million for the National Marine Fisheries Service, “to be distributed among fishing communities, Indian tribes, individuals, small businesses, including fishermen, fish processors, and related businesses, and other persons for assistance to mitigate the economic and other social effects caused by” a commercial fishery failure.
--$74 million “for the payment of storage, handling, and other associated costs for the 2007 crop of peanuts to ensure proper storage of peanuts for which a loan is made.”
--$120 million for the shrimp and menhaden fishing industries to cover consequences of Hurricane Katrina.
--$283 million for the Milk Income Loss Contract Program.
--$400 million for “wildland fire suppression.”
What is the Milk Income Loss Contract Program? I don't know either, but don't expect the HPers to get all up in arms about their tax dollars going towards it.


  1. The Milk Income Loss Contract Program is a government subsidy of milk-producing farms. It pays for milk produced at times when the market price has fallen below a specific point.

    Have fun convincing the HPers that defense systems for Israel is a better deal than milk for Americans.

  2. Actually, for $3 billion a year the US gets a lot of value from Israel and none of this assistance is inflation-adjusted. Here some forms of government spending to the HP, are more equal than others.