Friday, July 2, 2010

Sharmine Narwani Calls For the Destruction of Israel

It's old news at this point, but it's still worth sharing. Here is HP anti-Zionist blogger Sharmine Narwani calling for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state in the form of "the one-state solution," among other problematic comments:

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  1. Every Arab state is an ethno-nationalist experiment. But that doesn't matter to Sharmine Narwani. Its only wrong if the Jews have a state.

    Which needs to be replaced by yet another of those ethno nationalist experiments that work so well in the rest of the Middle East. Oh and don't accuse Ms. Narwani of being an anti-Semite.

    She's just pushing for the next trendy and progressive thing in world politics. The so-called two state solution is so yesterday already isn't it?

    At least we meet an anti-Zio who says aloud what the rest of them really think - but think it too impolitic to say for now. Now its out in the open!

  2. This is not directly connected to the above, but I just wanted to let you know that the French singer Jean Ferrat died today. His father died at Auschwitz and he composed the song "Nuit et brouillard" in memory of all who died there.

    Never forget! Matt and Zach keep up the good work!


  3. It's interesting that HP had to go to Europe to find an Arabising proponent of cleansing Jewish identity from the Mideast (as it has already been cleansed from Muslim lands).

    Perhaps HP knows that US proponents of such cleansing (for example, DailyKos and the Nation) have only discredited themselves by their line.