Friday, July 9, 2010

Selection From Dancing Thread

I know that Matt has already scoured the dancing Israeli soldiers thread, but I did want to showcase one particular post that I found interesting:

So a few observations:

First, notice how the problem was not the dancing, but that the soldiers were patrolling. Unless it is a mistake, this shows a deeper seated problem with the soldiers' actions than normal for the thread. But I guess the real question is why does she have a problem with six Jewish soldiers conducting a military mission during a Muslim call to prayer?

The first possibility is simply political correctness gone haywire, in which respecting Muslim beliefs mean that even people who aren't Muslim need to stop and bow their heads (or something) when Muslims are doing something religious. I'm as in favor of mutual tolerance as the next guy but she can't honestly expect soldiers (of any faith) to stop what they are doing while people are doing something religious. If those soldiers started taking fire during the call to prayer, would they be expected not to shoot back?

The other possibility, which is probably more likely, is that it is just selective outrage. The Israeli soldiers did not do anything wrong ("unprofessional" is more the word I would use) so many of the HPers dug really, really deep to find something that they could get mad about. Most of them seized on the call to prayer, as you can see in Matt's thread.

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