Monday, July 12, 2010

Russian Spies vs Israeli Spies On the HP

The Huffington Post covered a headline about how the Russian spies, having plead guilty for the purposes of a swap, have now been deported from America. Since it is beginning to look like the Russian spy saga is wrapping up, I thought I would compare and contrast that story with the Mossad Dubai assassination, both in terms of the number of comments and the number of articles. Let's get started.

Russian Spies
Russian Spies Deported-42 comments so far.
Suspects To Plead Guilty-67 comments.

What Happens To Their Children?-290 comments.
Russia, US Considering Swap-63 comments.
 Haggi Carmon Blog Post-1 comment.
Alleged Spies Charged With Federal Indictment-1 comment.
Five Suspects Go to New York-0 comments.
FBI Probed Them For Almost a Decade-142 comments.
Spies Mother Says Daughter Lived Normal Life-24 comments.
Alleged Spy Sought UK Princes, Kinky Sex-324 comments.
Chapman's Ex-Husband Speaks-924 comments.
Chapman's Ex-Husband Says "Not Surprising"-46 comments.
Juan Lazaro Confesses-139 comments.
Who Chapman Was Dating-10 comments.
Chapman's Interview-2 comments.
Lawyer: Evidence "Extremely Thin"-18 comments.
Spy Suspect Skips Bail-686 comments.
Heathfield Stole Identity From Dead Man-29 comments.
Used Public Websites-16 comments.
Were Undercover Suburbanites-1 comments.
Chapman Branded Bombshell-47 comments.
Photos of Chapman-25 comments.
Ring Includes Journalists, Local Residents-12 comments.
Steve Clemons Blog Post-9 comments.
Bill Lichtenstein Blog Post-0 comments.

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Israeli Spies
Poland Orders Mossad Spy Extradited- 189 comments.
Ireland Expels Israeli Diplomat-920 comments.
Christopher Lockwood WANTED-51 comments.
UK To Expel Israeli Diplomat-1,071 comments.
Supermarket Ad Parody-248 comments.
Interpol Issues Alert-8 comments.
New Details On Hit-254 comments.
Police Have DNA Samples-158 comments.
Hit May Be Last of Its Kind-51 comments.
Creates "Mossad Mania"-287 comments.
Two Suspects Went to US-29 comments.
All Israelis Banned In Dubai-575 comments.
CCTV Footage-200 comments.
He Was Drugged, Suffocated-493 comments.
Livni Praises-467 comments.
Israeli FM Dodges Questions-33 comments.
Hamas Accuses Fatah-140 comments.
Alan Dershowitz Blog Post-494 comments.
"Nearly 100 Percent" Mossad-391 comments.
Israeli Officials Convinced Mossad Behind It-442 comments.
Jamal Dajani Blog Post-25 comments.
Second Dershowitz Article-130 comments.
Meir Javendafar Blog Post-17 comments.
MJ Rosenberg Blog Post-14 comments.
Bob Franken Blog Post-0 comments.
Hisham Wyne Blog Post-94 comments.
Hamas: Israel Did It-516 comments.

To sum it all up it sure looks like the Israeli spy articles got more responses on average than the Russian one. Of course there are mitigating factors: As far as we know the Russian spies didn't kill anyone, but then again they were operating in America, and usually American newspapers would pay greater attention to spies in their own country rather than Dubai. And of course expelling diplomats is big news too.

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