Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rep. John Sarbanes on Turkey, Plus HP Grumbling

Representative John Sarbanes wrote an article for the HP which systematically and clearly demonstrated Turkey's unreliable status as an ally. It was pretty awesome, here are a few selections from it:
"Turkey's failure to genuinely uphold the shared values of NATO makes it a weak link in the alliance. By design, NATO originated as a defensive political and military alliance for those countries engaged in the hostilities of WWII. Turkey, the largest NATO member not to have fought in WWII, was enlisted to reinforce defenses against the Soviet Union. Yet, in the summer of 1974, NATO member Turkey invaded and occupied more than one third of the island Republic of Cyprus. Coming at the height of the Cold War, and at a time of delicate relations between Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and the NATO alliance, Turkey's invasion of Cyprus risked war with NATO member Greece and a resultant rupturing of the NATO alliance."'
To be honest, this article made me wonder less about Turkey and more about NATO, as in "why is it still around?" All NATO seems to do now is the USA's bidding, which is something a charismatic American politician could usually drum up anyway. But without the Soviet Union there isn't a villain strong enough to justify an alliance of that kind. It's the same problem faced by the Ultimates.

Anyway, for some reason the Huffington Post readership closed ranks against Sarbanes and in defense of Turkey. I'm not well enough informed to know whether he got his history right but I did want to share a couple of comments:
"Okay John, I hate to be cynical but how much did AIPAC pay you to raise this issue. Why haven't you asked why the Israelis used US supplied cluster bombs on Lebanese civilians during their last invasion of a neighboring country? Shouldn't you have gotten outraged about that? Especially since the conditions under which we supplied them specified that they could not be used in the way they were." [link]
"I still think that any member of Congress who is going to write an article that is critical of anyone or thing that is critical of Israel should disclose how much money they recieve from AIPAC in said article.
That way, we can know if you are one of the 329 stooges of Israel or not before we even read what you have to say." [link]
 Still, I guess we should be thankful that the HP published the article in the first place.

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  1. Its fascinating to see the same people who are outraged about Israel's non-existent occupation of Gaza rush to defend Turkey's brutal and illegal occupation of Cyprus! Which goes to show the anti-Zios real interest is in bashing Israel and not in terminating all forms of illegal occupation. But they are not going to admit they apply to Israel a standard they would never dream of applying to Turkey.

    Go figure.