Friday, July 9, 2010

Pushed To Desperation

I saw a post by our old buddy lbsaltzman that got me thinking:

The anti-Zionist crowd (and lbsaltzman in particular) love to clamor for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel. If you ask them why they do so, they say that if Israel is weakened and loses it's overseas support it will be forced to make concessions to the Palestinians and peace will reign.

Which is exactly why I find comments like these so funny. Doesn't lbsaltzman think that if Israel didn't need the support of evangelical Christians they wouldn't take it? It's like he can't imagine why, in all his efforts to push Israel into isolation, they turn to a less-than-desirable group for support. If anything, it is exactly his and the other BDSers fault that Israel needs to seek support from groups like the "end of times" crowd.

It's especially ironic when you consider that the desperation argument is what pro-Palestinian users rely on to defend the bad behavior of the Palestinians. If only Israel hadn't pushed them to desperation they wouldn't be shooting up Bat Mitzvahs, they say. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And in some cases I think that argument has merit. But then why are they surprised when their efforts to bring down Israel leads to Israel doing something equally stupid in another area? It's exactly predictable that when Israel is losing support in many areas it will try to grain support in others. The Palestinians certainly do it too. Maybe it's just another example of a double standard against Israel, where they are expected to not behave the way normal human beings do.


  1. Israel can't seek allies but the other side can. The BDSers are not really interested in fair play. They want to remove Israel from the playing field altogether - that's their real objective.

  2. It's past time for liberal Jewish supporters of Israel, such as myself, to recognize that the Jewish state has no better friend on the planet, aside from Jews, themselves, than the Evangelical community.

    We may disagree with them on any number of issues, but we should welcome their friendship and support and where we disagree, we should disagree as friends.


  3. Excellent points with one exception: I don't think Israeli or Jewish groups having close ties to evangelical Christians qualifies as "stupid", for two reasons. One, such ties aren't manifestly self-destructive or tied into elements that will lead to future ruin. Two, sometimes the enemy of one's enemies can make for a good ally, and under these circumstances, the I/J-evangelical ties strike me as realist and rational actions. The Left and its BDS agents in the past have happily aided and abetted Islamist killers, anarchists, neo-Nazis, and anti-globalization psychotics. They have as much right to lecture Jewish groups on who they should be friends with as BP does to lecture other companies on how bad their policies are for the environment.

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