Friday, July 16, 2010

Pushed To Desperation (And Back)

I commented last week about Ahmed "One State" Moor's article about the so-called 'myth of West Bank prosperity.' In that piece Moor's thesis was that not only was there really no economic growth in the West Bank (which turned out to be wrong) but that there really shouldn't be growth in the West Bank, nor should the Israelis try to create some. Why?
"Instead, they ["Zionists"] hope to create an economically prosperous bubble in the West Bank. In their minds, cash will placate a human population whose dignity is being constantly assailed at the end of Zionist guns."
Got it? The West Bank can't become prosperous because if they do then the Palestinians will forget that they are supposed to be killing Israelis! They will become placated and...gasp! Peaceful?! Heaven forbid!

Now on the one hand this argument, from a Palestinian perspective, actually make sense. The fear that the people might be contented living under a peaceful and wealthy occupation and give up the Palestinian cause is a legitimate one. Assuming, of course, that the Palestinian cause is a just one. Considering how Ahmed Moor earned his nickname, I am guessing that his cause is not. But his article did get me thinking, but probably not in the way that he hoped.

Consider the desperation argument as a defense of Palestinian terrorism. We hear it all the time on the HP. Israel has backed the Palestinians so far into a corner, and have deprived them of all kinds of terrible things, that they are inevitably going to lash out with violence. So actually, assuming the desperation argument is true, building up the WB makes a lot of sense. People that have homes, cars and luxuries to lose aren't going to be as willing to throw them all away in yet another unsuccessful war against Israel. If the Palestinians are not desperate than the will not be as willing to throw their support behind terror groups, which in turn will calm the situation down and make peace easier to come by.

But of course, that's assuming that the desperation argument is real. Mr. Moor's peace seems to indicate that the Palestinians are just as likely to pick up guns when they are rich as when they are poor. If that is true the desperation argument as a defense of Palestinian misdeeds is dishonest and misleading. Thank you for demonstrating that, Mr. Moor.


  1. Y'know, one of these days one of you guys are going to write something that I disagree with... and then there'll be hell to pay!


    Keep up the good work.

  2. I think it goes deeper. The phrase "In their minds, cash will placate a human population whose dignity is being constantly assailed..." is a darker implication that Jewish minds (ok, Zionist minds) operate on the level different then others, that Jews see money outweighing human values, that a shekel is worth more then a life. This of course is an old anti-Semitic trope but, hey, he's not being anti-Semitic, only anti-Israel. Silly me, I can't see the difference!