Friday, July 30, 2010

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Gaza Edition

More and more articles from the Middle East on the subject of Gaza are being published, and many of them tear down the mythology built around the conditions there. Thanks to bloggers I have found two of them.

The first is an article by an Egyptian journalist named Ashraf Abu Al-Houl talking about low prices, an expanded recreation industry, and stores overflowing with goods. Now it is true that many of the resorts are only for Gaza's rich, but let's not forget that everywhere (including Israel) there is economic gaps between people and poverty. The mental image of Gaza is that of a "prison camp" where everyone is destitute and lives in continuous suffering. MEMRI translated the article here.

The second article is about Amira Hass. I'm sure most of you know her but if you don't she is the boilerplate Ha'aretz editorialist: Hates Israel, thinks it can do no right, would be happy if it was destroyed. In fact I am kind of surprised that she hasn't already joined the Huffington Post blogger stable. If she was going to, though, she won't be joining with this article, as she blames the PA for Gaza's siege. I was not expecting that.

Of course the HP is not going to cover either of these stories but will instead publish "fluff" pieces like Kate Lowenstein's blog post, stories that are not news but bash Israel all the same.

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  1. The truth about Arab evil never gets printed.

    Its only Jewish heartlessness that interests those who write on Israel for the HP - whether or not it exists.