Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mya Guarnieri Tries to Scare Us

Here's a screenshot of an email we received from Mya Guarnieri, HP blogger. Click in to zoom:

Oh? Is someone feeling threatened by little old us?

Update: The post Mya is referring to is most likely this one.


  1. She's angling for a SLAPP suit. Apparently, anti-Zios can't stand criticism.

    No wonder they feel threatened by a little ol' blog!

  2. Norman, I presume you mean that Mya is risking being liable herself, in an anti-SLAPP action by BoJ.

  3. I just read another terrible article by her in Aljazeera:
    We're a democracy in Israel, but she just makes me sick. I think she needs a trip to Gaza to unite with her brothers, and maybe it'll put some reason into her jewish but self-hating mind.