Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mya Guarnieri Loses Touch

Mya Guarneri wrote something in her most recent article that I wanted to share:
"Israel, like any sovereign nation, has a right to defend itself. Soldiers, when faced with a mortal threat, also have the right to protect their lives. But neither Israel nor its army have the right to do so at others' expense. Nor do the state and its soldiers have the right to operate as though they are unaccountable for their actions."
I think this statement more than any other exemplifies the attitudes of anti-Zionists, both on the Huffington Post and elsewhere. Israel has the right to defend itself and it's people, they conclude, but only because they have to, to deny Israel that would be racist. Every outside observer, especially those in the US Congress, are of the mind that Israel has the right to defend itself, whether that attack comes from terrorists or from useful idiots who are trying to break a blockade.

So what Ms. Guarnieri and her friends do instead is impose arbitrary and ridiculous condition on Israel's right to defend itself so as to revoke it without making their desires obvious. Seriously, go back and look at that paragraph, Israel can't defend itself "at others' expense." What the heck does that mean? If it's inconvenient for a Palestinian for IDF soldiers to cross his lawn to stop a terrorist organization, they can't do it? If a Palestinian finds the noise of artillery disturbing to his frame of mind, Israel doesn't have the right to use it, even if an enemy army is bearing down on their cities? It's completely ridiculous, is what it is, and shows a break with the way that wars are fought in a real world situation.

That being said, I see Ms. Guarnieri's point, even if she does a terrible job in making it: Israel in conducting it's military operations needs to be held accountable for it's bad behavior, unlike all the other nations fighting wars right now, including Israel's enemies. But I did think it was interesting how she tries to slip that one by us, that Israel can't fight back against it's enemies if it means that people get hurt or are inconvenienced. Sorry, but that is how the world works. Maybe in an ivory tower people fight wars where innocent people (on both sides) don't suffer for it, but not in the Middle East. Which, I thought, is where Ms. Guarnieri lives. Shouldn't she be more aware of the difficulties Israel faces? Or does she simply not want to see them?

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  1. Wars happen. They are meant to break property and kill people. Ah so in Ms. Guarnieri's world, the only people on earth who can't do what people have done in war since the beginning of time are the Jews?

    It figures.