Monday, July 26, 2010

More Comments of the Day

A little casual anti-Semitism on the Jacob Weisberg anti-boycott thread:

The original link.


  1. Tell me you guys didn't miss this little gem!

  2. I think it is far more telling to point out antisemitic comments on the Jacob Weisberg anti-boycott thread that were made by 2 HuffPo Community Moderators.

    These Community Moderators were chosen by HuffPo.
    Their antisemitic comments went unchallenged and gave tacit permission for others to follow suit.

    This reflects badly on HuffPo and calls into question the inherent bias pervasive on this site.

  3. Anonymous, that certainly does call into question the HP's moderation policy if its own moderators themselves post such comments on its boards.

    Its safe to say Matt and Zach won't be closing down their blog any time soon.