Thursday, July 29, 2010

MJ Rosenberg Weaves a Tangled Web

Readers of this blog should at this point be intimately familiar with MJ Rosenberg. We’ve talked about him and his conspiracy theories and his personal attacks quite a bit. But just when I think we’ve said all we could possibly say about him, he comes out with a doozy of an article on the HP. There’s nothing particular terrible about the article itself, but if you follow Rosenberg’s writings, you start to see the whole narrative he is stringing together. Read closely every section of his posts I quote as we move forward.

Part 1

Rosenberg writes a bunch of articles about aipac and how powerful it is. He laments how the Israel lobby has too many politicians at its beck and call, and complains about the insidious tactics used by it. Yadda, yadda, yadda, America is at the mercy of aipac and we have to get out from under it.

Part 2

Rosenberg writes an article entitled neocons: bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb iran. Zach already wrote about this article at some length, but I will just remind you what he said. Rosenberg tells us in this article that the term “neoconservative” was coined by an American Jew (it debatably wasn’t) in a Jewish magazine. He talks about Commentary magazine, a Jewish publication that is now neoconservative’s “Pravda”. But hey, he points out that,
“FOR the record, the term neoconservatives, although invented by the still-neocon American Jewish Committee by way of its then magazine Commentary does not only apply to Jews… At the most, there are 200 neocons. They are not all Jewish although many are, and that number includes the leadership of aipac, the American Jewish Committee and some of the other major organizations (which, all together, have memberships representing 5% of all Jews)…. But, for the record, it is insulting to Jews to suggest that the neocons represent them. Nobody chose them….”

So what is Rosenberg saying in this article, really. The neoconservative movement is made up (not entirely!) of a small group of Jews and the neoconservatives want to bomb iran. You got that? Go through his article if you don’t believe me, that’s the thesis he’s putting together.

Part 3

And now we finally get to Rosenberg’s most recent article, Neocons Ready Fall Campaign to “Pearl Harbor” iran. It’s extremely short, and mostly consists of a personal attack on Jeffrey Goldberg, but it’s the final link in this chain Rosenberg is putting together. Here is the key sections of the article,

“It's still summer but the word in Washington is that, come fall, the neocon crowd that helped lie us into iraq will be out trying to do the same thing with iran…war with iran would be a disaster for America, for Iran and for Israel. It would also put America's forces in iraq and Afghanistan in even more danger than they are in now. Will that stop the neocons from urging the US or Israel to "Pearl Harbor" Iran? No. Why would it?”

Rosenberg is concerned about the neocons creating a false scenario that would lead America into war with iran.

So what is Rosenberg really telling us through these three parts? He’s telling us that a small group of Jews in Washington D.C. are lying and scheming to make the United States go to war with Iran, which would be a disaster for America. Rosenberg says this Jewish group is to (partially) to blame for the iraq war as well, and questions whether they are more loyal to Israel than to the United States.

Rosenberg offers numerous fig leafs (most Jews aren’t neocons, neocons are not exclusively Jewish), but his base premise, in my view, comes through loud and clear. The neocons are to blame for iran/iraq, neocons are mostly Jews, and therefore…, well, he leaves that last step up to his readers.

If you think there is any part in my logic and readings of Rosenberg’s words that doesn’t fit, email me and let me know. But I think I’m reading him accurately, and it’s extremely disturbing this person is given a platform to spread his manipulations on the HP.

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