Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Larry Gellman Incites Jew Hatred

Just like his counterpart MJ Rosenberg, Larry Gellman is an anti-Israel Jewish voice on the Huffington Post. And just like Rosenberg, Gellman writes anti-Semitic stereotypes in the guise of rational discourse and allows non-Jews to repeat his hatred under the excuse of “A Jew said it”.

In his most recent work, A Whole Bunch of Inconvenient Truths, Gellman takes on the sniveling, malicious, hypocritical, “pro-Israel Jews”. He presents himself as a crusader of truth, standing against the “rants” of “the self proclaimed ‘pro-Israel’ leaders.” But what he does instead is create strawman arguments and bravely knock them down, and pro-Israel Jews in general suffer for it.

Gellman makes two points. His first is about President Obama. He mentions how the pro-Israel leadership complained that Obama was not, in fact pro-Israel, over the past few months. But now that Obama’s a) met with Netanyahu and b) pushed for Iran sanctions, Gellman has shown the pro-Israel leadership to be a bunch of liars and frauds. Ha, ha, suck it, pro-Israel leadership! Never mind the fact it took months for Obama to apply real pressure on Iran, or that his administration intentionally blew a housing dispute out of proportion for no apparent gain, or that Obama is not pressuring Abbas to negotiate now, that one meeting shows that Gellman was right all along. But let’s ignore those “inconvenient facts” in favor of Mr. Gellman’s one example.

His second point is about the Goldstone report. Those mean old pro-Israel folks dared to criticize the report as “biased” and “skewed from the beginning,” and what’s this? Israel is now prosecuting soldiers for crimes committed during Cast Lead! So clearly that means the Goldstone report isn’t in any way biased, because they got one part of the story correct. Never mind that the report got numerous other incidents completely wrong, such as the al Fakhoura school incident, because the report was right once means it was right all the time.

But of course, Mr. Gellman’s collection of half-baked “inconvenient truths”, strawman arguments and leaps to conclusions wouldn’t be complete without a little Jewish stereotyping. He writes,
“The response of most "pro-Israel" Jews to this [Orthodox incitement] has been "Why did they have to print that in the paper?" Not a single one has said, "Thank God we found out the disturbing truth." Again, it's a case of the pesky truth getting in the way of a clear cut good guys -- bad guys situation.”
“Another simplistic view that is promoted in "pro-Israel" emails is that all Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslim are essentially the same. They are all bad and are either terrorists or condone terror.”
Like MJ Rosenberg before him, Gellman makes sweeping statements about “most pro-Israel Jews”. No polls or studies are provided for our edification, we just have to take Mr. Gellman’s word that pro-Israel Jews want to cover up Orthodox incitement towards violence. Sure, such sweeping statements might be considered racist when you talk about other groups of people, (ex: “The Arabs always cover up the truth of their crimes”), but because Mr. Gellman’s Jewish, I’m sure he’s right. Likewise with the emails, we do not see any examples of the aforementioned “pro-Israel emails”. We’re supposed to believe Mr. Gellman when he tells us pro-Israel Jews are all racists towards Arabs. This kind of statement inevitably leads to anti-Semitism. “Jews are racist towards the Palestinians, it’s true because a Jew told me so!” We got one more quote to go:
“But then I checked my Blackberry and slipped back into the fact-free zone of simplistic explanations and widespread demonization. I had just received an email from one of my Jewish friends explaining to me how Koran is chock full of lines commanding good Muslims to kill infidels so it is foolish and naive to suggest that we can trust any of them. This friend would not know a Koran if it hit him between the eyes, but he knows "the truth."…At the end of the day, many of us must need villains more than we need hope, real solutions and intellectual honesty…How inconvenient.”
Yep, Gellman’s anecdotal evidence definitely proves all Jews are racists, except for him of course. He’s the good, intelligent and moral person who looks down at all those cowardly, manipulating, ignorant and racist “pro-Israel” Jews. Gellman pities those dumb pro-Israel Jews for being so dumb as to believe there are Muslims out there who want to hurt them. Dumb bastards, good thing Gellman’s not fooled!
Larry Gellman’s blog post is a classic example of “new anti-Semitism”. It is full of half-truths, distortions, anecdotal evidence, and stereotyping. He tells his readers, “Hey, it’s OK to think of Jews as liars, cowards, racists, and paranoids, as long as you only limit those thoughts exclusively to Zionist Jews. Anti-Zionist Jews, like me, are A-OK!” But what Gellman (and, apparently, the Huffington Post) don’t realize is that once you get the hatred flowing, it’s a little harder to it turn off.

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  1. It reminds me of those Jews in Germany who assured us power would moderate the Nazis, the Jews would be well and nothing bad would happen to them. And look where they ended up.

    In the case of Gellman et al, the more things change...