Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Israel Indicts IDF Soldiers, HPers Grumble On

Yesterday the news broke that the IDF was indicting one of their soldiers for the charge of manslaughter for his actions during Cast Lead. The HP covered it, of course. But despite all of their complaints about "the rule of law" and "accountability," Israel's actions failed to change the opinions of any of the usual anti-Zionists. Here are some examples from the (noticeably emptier) talkback thread:

max hp
A dog and pony show - for the WH.

A few points left out: virtually everyone killed were civilians. The Israelis just don't count Palestinian men as civilians. The Gaza camp is not a country, and has no military. To imply it does, is to validate the Germans claim the camps were used to fight an enemy.

Ok apologists time to call idf officers who initiated this inquiry to be: antisemetic, gosh all the posts by apologists defending idf war crimes all gone to drain...

No matter the spin, it is a horrible crime and will go down like that in history.


  1. Israel will never please anti-Semites. Now if only someone would drive that point home to Israel's leaders!

  2. Checking the original posts, I see you have taken some out of context, done some editing. That is dishonest.