Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Iara Lee On Hip-Hop

Iara "Flotilla Fool" Lee is back with another article on the HP. I'm not going to fisk the entire thing here because most of it is simply reporting information, though filled with the usual half-truths and outright lies such as "Israel massacred nine activists on the flotilla." What is distinctive about this one is that Ms. Lee talks about Arab groups who perform hip-hop to "show they won't be silenced." The idea being that it is yet another form of "resistance." She also does a decent amount of shilling for herself in the form of her movie "cultures of resistance."

You can check it out if you like, but I thought I would simply respond with the comment that I posted on the thread:

You people continue to not get it, do you?

Genocidal, Jew hating terror groups run free in the Palestinian territories. In fact most of them have a hand in running the government and indoctrinating the people.

As long as those groups exist, Israel will not cease the occupation or the other measures it takes to defend itself.

It doesn't matter how many people protest non violently.

It doesn't matter how many films you make or flotillas you ride on.

It doesn't matter how many cute hip-hop groups dance and sing for the cause.

It doesn't matter how many children's drawings get written on walls.

As long as the Palestinians pose a threat to not only Israel but all the nations around them, they will continue to be "oppressed."

If you want this conflict to end, Ms. Lee, figure out the root cause and stop it. Everything else is just a waste of everyone's time and energy.

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  1. The root cause being Arab rejectionism and a refusal to recognize Israel's existence.

    All the anti-Zionist propaganda won't change why the conflict has persisted to this very day. And the Palestinians' friends are doing them no favors by allowing them to indulge in their intransigence.

    As a result, a two state solution is not the cards in our generation.