Monday, July 19, 2010

Iara Lee and the "Good Guys" of the IHH

Iara Lee, one of the representatives of the Free Gaza movement who has an unedited platform on the HP, has come out with another article in defense of the Turkish NGO the IHH. Lee claims that the IHH has been a victim of a smear campaign by the Israeli government and that Israeli claims of IHH members being "terrorists" are totally mean and unfair.

Lee writes that, "I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, and in this spirit I thought it might help to take a closer look at IHH, and judge this group based on their actions, rather than empty words." She then goes on to describe at length about all the people the IHH has helped, with projects in Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Gaza. The number of volunteers, working with state and local governments, etc. It's all very nice and pro-IHH. But, of course, Lee glosses over some of the IHH's less reputable activities.

According to Wikipedia, "A US State Department spokesman confirmed that, although the government is aware of IHH’s possible radical connections, the group is not subject to counterterrorism restrictions...". Elder of Ziyon reports that Turkey banned the IHH from helping out during an earthquake because, " it was counted among several 'fundamentalist organizations' operating 'secret bank accounts' that were refusing to allow local authorities to oversee the distribution of their aid resources".  The counter-terrorism blog reported this incident, 
"On December 5, 1997, Turkish police raided the IHH headquarters office in Istanbul and arrested its principal leaders. Following their preliminary inquiry, on April 27, 1998, Turkish investigators launched a formal legal case against the IHH. According to a report produced by French counterterrorism magistrates, the inquiry was spurred by the sale of an AK-47 assault rifle to an IHH leader by "a member of the illegal organization VASAT." Turkish police reported seizing a series of disturbing items from the IHH in Turkey, including an explosive device, two sticks of dynamite, bomb making instructions, and a "jihad flag.""
You're right, Ms. Lee. Actions speak louder than words, and the IHH has committed actions that show them to be more than just a humble do-gooder NGO. And of course, that's not even including the numerous IDF videos showing the IHH activists preparing knives and pipes, cheering for martyrdom, and calling for the destruction of Israel. 

Lee also writes a number of interesting things in her blog post that reveals her own biases and prejudices. She writes in her conclusion, "We must remember that an attack on IHH is an attack on all humanitarian groups around the world...Thankfully, IHH's track record speaks for itself, as do the actions of their accusers -- a comparison which does not calculate favorably for the Israeli government when asking just who, exactly, the terrorists are." 

This is typical far-left behavior. If you disagree with a person's opinion, you're shutting down free speech and/or committing libel (Mya Guarnieri). If you disagree with a group of people, you're a racist. And if you disagree with a humanitarian organization, you're attacking all organizations. NO, Ms. Lee, an attack on the IHH is not an attack on all humanitarian NGOs. We don't see Red Cross workers attacking soldiers, or Doctors Without Borders smuggling drugs across the US-Mexican border. Doing something illegal and morally questionable is illegal and morally questionable, no matter what label your group assigns to itself. If anything, it's far more troubling that Ms. Lee is trying to shut down all criticism of the IHH by creating such a strawman. And yes, the IHH's track record speaks for itself. We can all see its true track record quite clearly. 

And, of course, what's a HP blog post without a little anti-Semitic conspiracy theory? Ms. Lee lets slip her true feelings with the following line,
"Before speakers from the Mavi Marmara were scheduled to speak in New York about what happened on May 31st, local politicians began to put forth the rhetoric of their Israeli handlers, using slanderous language to demonize the victims of Israel's illegal act of war. "
If Iara Lee is the most useful idiot the IHH can dig up to defend them, they really need to devote more money to recruitment. She does a very weak job whitewashing the IHH's well known ties to terrorism and provides no evidence to contradict the IDF's well documented and clearly articulated description of what happened on the flotilla.

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  1. Violence is sanctioned only when its against Israel. Its off-limits for everyone else. Let's see Iara Lee explain that double standard to us.