Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HuffPoWatch User Profile: realitycitizen

Realitycitizen is just plain nasty, and his comment earlier today convinced me that he needed a profile. I could describe the nature of his anti-Semitic comments but I think it's more effective if you read them for yourself.

Reality citizen has about 400 comments and has been active since February 2010.

US Says Israel Rocket Shield Will Work               
“The Israeli Security State - US Front (Gentile Suppression Squad)
America is easy to control for Israel because it has riddled America with foreign agents in all of the top positions in the American Security Services. They compile the security briefs that are then sent to our braindead elected government in the Congress. Our braindead elected government knows only what those in the top positions in the security services want them to know.
The following individuals are agents of Israel. They are all Jews and dual citizens of Israel.
Janet Napolitano - Secretary of US Homeland Security
Michael Chertoff - Former Secretary of US Homeland Security
Paul A Schneider - Deputy Secretary of US Homeland Security.
Fred L. Schwien - Secretary of Operations of US Homeland Security.
Jay M. Cohen - Secretary for Technology of US Homeland Security.
Joeseph Lieberman - Chairman of DHS Committee in Congress
Rahm Emmanuel - IDF member, Chief of Staff and #2 in the Obama Administration.
And all of the mid-level card carrying Likudniks in the Pentagon that Colonel Wilkerson warned us about.
Do your part. Support our patriots in the DHS, CIA, NSA, DOD, DIA, and the War College that are fighting the good fight against foreign occupation. Never support anti-Gentile civilian leaders.”            

Netanyahu In 2001: 'America Is A Thing You Can Move Very Easily'                 

“Your comment embodies the mindset of the Israeli-Firster. In a hypothetical war between the United States military and the Israeli Defense Forces, you side with Israel and root for dead American soldiers.”        

Netanyahu In 2001: 'America Is A Thing You Can Move Very Easily'                 

We know your position...
In a hypothetical fight between the United States Military and the Israeli Defense Forces, you side with Israel and root for dead American soldiers.
Patriots must become aware that this is how Israel-firsters think”        

Netanyahu In 2001: 'America Is A Thing You Can Move Very Easily'
“I'm with you man.
I haven't joined the US military because rarely if ever do they defend America let alone our freedoms. But start a drumbeat to war with Israel and ill sign up tomorrow.
Israel has to pay for what they did to us on 9/11 and on the USS Liberty.”    

Glenn Beck: Jews Killed Jesus                       
“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”  [Note the thread.]

Hezbollah Denounces CNN's Firing Of Octavia Nasr: 'Intellectual Terrorism'                             
“HP shamefully allows zionists to run amok when stories break. The amount of disinformation coming out of the HP during the flotilla fiasco and murder of American citizens was outrageous. Out of control. From the top down. Draconian censorship and blockage of any ideas counter to the media narrative.”        

Feinstein: If Petraeus Wants Afghanistan Troop Drawdown Scrapped, 'Give It To Him, Absolutely'   
“Were suppose to live in a country with a gentile controlled military. But over the decades the zionists have built an Israeli security state inside the US via the pentagon and DHS.
These people have no problem sending American gentiles to die in Muslim countries because its a win win for them: 1) Strong American gentile soldiers die and 2) alot of Muzzies die. Its a win win for the zionists.”    

Feinstein: If Petraeus Wants Afghanistan Troop Drawdown Scrapped, 'Give It To Him, Absolutely'     

 No surprise that little miss Jew thing wants more American soldiers to die for zionist causes.”    

Jewish Dance Group Hit With Stones In Germany       
“Most arabs live under pro-Jew dictatorships. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan.”    

Lebanon's Hezbollah Museum Details Years Of Israeli Occupation                 

“Christians in Lebanon stand with Hezbollah in the congress, and on the field!
Americans need to know that when they support Israel they support the murder of Christians, Muslims, Druze, and others who make up the gentile resistance.”    

Chuck Schumer On Gaza: 'Strangle' Them Economically                        

“Theres a reason why the largest Christian political party in the Middle East is allied with Hezbollah. These quote unqoute Torah people are downright cruel, sadistic, and dangerous.”   

Helen Thomas RETIRING Effective Immediately       
“Another Gentile taken down by the owned media establishment.
The word "Gentile" strikes fear into the heart of evil. Which is why this post will likely be deleted outright as my previous post bearing the same message did, or will never make it through the censors at all.”    

Al Jazeera Reporter: Israel Fired On Gaza-Bound Ship Before Boarding (VIDEO)   
“America is a fallen anti-gentile government.
Israel butchers an American citizen in international waters, they executed him in cold blood. Shot him 4 times in the head at close range according to the autopsy.
And your pathetic servile government wont even condemn Israel for that. Im almost at a loss for words.”   
'Rachel Corrie' Aid Ship Headed Toward Gaza           
“Turkey needs to run Navy escorts for future aid shipments.
Human beings are now defenseless in international waters against vicious animal attacks.”

Bill Kristol: Campbell Brown For Senate               
“Bill Kristol = Most vile J E W in the Western Hemisphere.”    
Chuck Schumer: Next Senate Majority Leader?       
“Just ew.
He is a loyal servant to the Israeli government. Ill never vote Democratic again if he becomes Majority leader.”
Hillary Clinton: Iran Proving It Deserves New Sanctions                         

“It sucks living 100 miles away from the most brutal, war mongering, and aggressive nation in the world [Israel], but that is the reality that millions of Iranians and brown people in general live under.
I wholly support a nuclear armed Iran. A deterrent against Israel is desperately needed in the region.”
Bernanke, Siding With Banks, Opposes Plan To Spin Off Swaps Desks                 

“The Federal Reserve is a front for Jewish economic terrorism.”

Schumer: Obama's 'Counter-Productive' Israel Policy 'Has To Stop'                 

“Obama is a failure who allows Israel to walk all over the United States with no consequences other than empty rhetoric.
America needs a real leader who will break the influence of organized Jewry on American foreign policy decision making. Until then our foreign policy will continue to be dictated by a small and increasingly aggressive minority.”    

Clinton: Israel Faces 'Difficult' Choices               
“Israel calls the shots. Plain and simple. The US is simply along for the ride.
Those who are seriously interested in the peace process need to look to the East. There can be no peace until there is a major power committed to the process, and more importantly, willing to spill Jewish blood to enforce international law.”    

Clinton: 'Iran Is Moving Toward A Military Dictatorship'                        

 “It seems you have a guardian angel err I mean overbearing moderators who will defend Israel at the expense of freedom of speech.
So lets see if I can reword this post to avoid draconian censorship
Israel is not a democracy. It looks like a democracy. It talks like a democracy. But when you look at the real levers of power and who really calls the shots, Israel is really a fascist Jewish dictatorship. And a violent one to boot.”                                                

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  1. He sounds more like a Stormfront poster. Its hard to distinguishing between Jew-hating leftists and neo-Nazis any more. Oh wait - they were good buddies right up to the invasion of the Soviet Union. Realitycitizen's anti-Semitic outbursts on the HP in fact show that in over 70 years, little has changed in the world.