Thursday, July 22, 2010

HuffPo Digs Deep For Anti-Israel Story

Check out the headline from yesterday's Huffington Post World section:

Obviously the story we are interested in is in the lower right, and it's about a man being convicted of rape in Israel because he deceived his partner into thinking he was a Jew when he was actually an Arab.

I feel I should point out that this is the second time in as many weeks that the HP dug up an obscure story and gave it headline coverage. I call the story obscure because it was not featured in any of the major Israeli newspapers (Jpost, Ynet or Ha'aretz), let alone whether it warranted international attention. Perhaps the answer to the question of "why did the HP publicize it" lies in their original source for the story: The Guardian.

As for the story itself, it certainly sets up a strange question about what makes rape vs consensual sex; i.e. if the woman wouldn't have had sex with him were she aware of the truth does that make it rape? I'm not well enough versed in the specifics of sexual politics and law to have a strong stance either way. The issue is not, though, about the content of the story, but the HP's decision to cover it among all the Israel-related stories and give it a prominent headline.

But the complexity of the issues didn't stop the HPers from labeling Israel as a racist society:

I wonder if that is why the HP decided to cover this story in such detail?


  1. It may not have reached Israeli newspapers (in English: did you check the Hebrew sites too?), but it certainly is not just on HP in America. It was covered in the Metro, the free rag they give as you enter the Boston subway.

  2. It was on the BBC home page as well for a while.

  3. Its weird how people manage to find an anti-Israel angle in stories that deserve no real attention.

    The anti-Israel psychopathology is such that the beast must be kept constantly fed. And we know that such stories always attract an unusually large number of comments in relation to all the rest.