Friday, July 16, 2010

Huffington Post Spotlights Netanyahu "Conspiracy" Article

You know, as long as I have been watching the Huffington Post I have honestly never thought that they had a real, established anti-Israel (and anti-Jewish) agenda. I always thought it was a combination of many factors that resulted in a bias, but was contained within that.

The Huffington Post's latest move, though, made me wonder. Let's start with the headline in the HP's "World" Section:

Now let's provide some of the background.

As the headline says, this happened in 2001 when Netanyahu was very out of power. And their source for this is none other than Gideon Levy, publishing an editorial in Ha'aretz. Here's a link to the video itself. Unfortunately it's in Hebrew, and though I wouldn't put it past the HP to "nudge" a translation the way they wanted it to go, it's unlikely that Gideon Levy would try the same to his Israeli audiences. Also a little bit weird? No author on the HP's article. I don't know if that's normal but seeing as how the article wasn't directly taken from another source, I thought it was worth mentioning.

Also of note: Israeli newspapers don't consider a ten year old story to be particularly interesting. Neither JPost (not that we'd expect them) Ynet or Ha'aretz is headlining it. And you know Ha'aretz would at the very least. That more than anything else about the story convinces me it really isn't news.

As for the content itself, it's open to interpretation (up to a point). Netanyahu might be telling his audience of terror victims not to worry, that he's an awesome politician and will run rings around the Americans. Gideon Levy seems to think that it's more about Netanyahu the man than Israel the country. And the Washington Post pointed out that:
"Of course, the video is from nearly ten years ago. Opinions change, based on circumstances and experience. But who knows what leaders are really saying when they think the cameras aren't filming?"
Do you think the Huffington Post talkbackers felt the same way?

That's right. HP talkbackers are walking away from this story with the impression that America is a "puppet" of Israel. Thank goodness for the Huffington Post, spinning the story like crazy. Here is one last comment for you to walk away with:


  1. Hey Brothers,
    Why not do a study of the ethnicity and/or religion of the authors of HP articles?
    You are always saying the Jews are not managing the content in media and HP but it seems to me there is a very high percentage of Jewish authors on HP.
    You don't care what the answer is, you just want the information, right? Fair-minded guys that you think you are.

  2. Anonymous, of course there are quite a few Jews who write for the HP, especially the blog section. But most of them are "as a Jews" aka anti-Zionist Jews like MJ Rosenberg, Mya Guarneri and Lerry Gellman. I find your inference that just because there are Jews writing of the HP they must be "managing" it in some way intriguing.

    Tell you what, how about YOU do the study and email it to us, and we'll publish it.

  3. The point is there is NO conspiracy. What Netanyahu said were the views of a private citizen. It has nothing to do with his policy as Prime Minister today. But you can count on Far Leftists, who hate him as much they hate Israel, like Gideon Levy, to make a mountain out of a molehill. This is old news to all but the anti-Zios desperate enough to find any angle, however far fetched it might be, to wield as a club against Israel.