Monday, July 19, 2010

HPW: US Says Rocket Shield Will Work

On Friday the Huffington Post published a story in which US officials believed that Israel's "Iron Dome" rocket defense system would work the way it was supposed to. The idea that the system might actually work to protect Israeli people made the HPers very angry, mostly because they didn't like the thought that they were the ones helping pay for it. One user of note tried to make the case that the missile defense shield was somehow a violation of the Geneva Conventions. I don't understand it either.

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What has Israel ever done for the US. They have no oil, they haven't fought in any wars with fact we fight and die in wars for them, and we send them gazillions of our hard earned tax dollars so they can constantly stir up troublre in the Middle East.

Backstabbing the Left will split the American Jews and end Apartheid Israel. Luckily, they're taking the bait...

Enroh Mot
No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people, a friend to Israel is no friend of America.

I'm happy for your clever son. This, however, is about a foul regime which has been abusing the gift of nations to kill, torture, dispossess and steal for longer than it's official status as a state.
Read Ilan Pappe's "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine",
Israel Shahak's "Jewish History, Jewish Religion",
and many more written by Israelis, Jews and others.
Israeli lies, duplicity, dishonesty and incompetence on the international arena are beyond any doubt. Pointing the finger at the other side, at this time, no longer triggers the knee-jerk obedient salute.
Perhaps your son is saying the truth, perhaps not.
Nevertheless, the odious pictures of the Israeli brutality cannot be denied.

...the Mossad arrests on 9-11. We will also never forget the Mossad cells leader fleeing his business in the U.S. for Israel never to be seen again. [Conspiracy theory.]

Grim Al
The Israel firsters posting here are anti-gentileites. [This comment received 12 “favorites.”]

Enroh Mot
Hillary went to Poland and said that the US installed missile shield there, was to protect the Poles from an attack from Iranian missiles, she must have been confused, confusion abounds, we need a shield around Washington to protect our democracy from AIPAC.

What have arrogant and deceiftful Zionists done for us recently?
Let's not get carried away - after all it has been years since the Israelis attacked a US naval vessel and killed US sailors - we should all be grateful to Israel for not shedding American blood and being satisfied with Palestinian blood.

You're applying the mentality of a free thinking person to a people which is still trapped in a mental ghetto, with their rabbis constantly harping on their persecution paranoia to keep their herd good and scared.
You can find an excellent, if utterly depressing explanation of this psychosis in prof. Israel Shahak's "Jewish History, Jewish Religion". Highly recommended if you want to understand the bizarre herd-leani
ng-over-the-edge-of-a-cliff "thinking" of the Israeli society.

Israel has equal rights for all people. They are just a little selective of who are considered to be people.

why is AIPAC not considered a lobby group for state sponsored terrorists ?

The Israeli PR machine is fond of the citing ad nauseam the allegation about Palestinian rockets being launched 24/7 at Sderot. One such rocket allegedly hit a house inhabited, allegedly, by a family with small children.
What the happened to the Jewish famed humanity? The Zios didn't think to move the allegedly endangered families away from the tiny range of the rockets? One row of houses away from the Wall would've more than sufficed.

you say 'innocent civilians'
i say 'occupiers'

No other country in the world has made enemies of so many other countries.

Alex Young
your are right.
they are sucking us dry.
our government has supported you leeches, but americans will tolerate it no longer.

The "shield" is an egregious violation of the Symington Amendment and a crime against humanity aimed at non-combatant civilians according to the Geneva Conventions:

Don't flatter yourself. The majority of humanity joins in with the Jews demonstrating against the Zio barbarians who are ripping off the Israelis, including the Holocaust survivors, to pad their bank accounts:

But why not have Goldman sach pay for it? Their Boss sez their doing God's work, and their Magic book sez they are God's Chosen People, and Goldman already has Billions of our tax money?

Israels missle system will problem signing the cheque for 200 million dollars. However, those Americans who are out of work...thier unemployment stipends are being politicized.
I guess it is fine to starve Palistinian children...and American children at the same time. Anything for Israel...nothing for America.
You all really need to ask your legislators and bankers who is running the show. who is the teet, and who is the calf here.

Because the Israel Lobby owns congress, like the banks and wall street

and did you know that during the Gaza Conflict 11 Israelis were killed, 9 soldiers and 2 civilians whereas, based on data collected by Amnesty International delegates in Gaza and on cases documented by local NGOs, over 1,400 Palestinians were killed which included 300 children and 115 women. By any neutral, impartial, and logical standard you are wrong and Israel is a Terrorist state.

Why do we have to pay to defend a Jewish colony in Palestine?

Do you know that not a single Israeli has been killed or even injured during the last six years from rockets from Gaza, except for about four who were killed during last year's massacre of Gaza, where about 1,400 Palestinians were killed in cold blood. So, who is the terrorist?

Israel is without doubt a terrorist nation.
They celebrate terrorist attacks on civilians.
See King David Hotel Bombing commemoration in 2005 protested by the British and others.

Please explain to me how it our (USA) responsibility to protect Israel. It was largely the Brits idea and Israel has no strategic use for us. So why are we involved at all with this Theocratic aparthied regime?

No they are Goyem so obviously they are not even human by Israeli standards.

They are our guilt trip. Shouldn't that be Germany?

Stephen Hill
I always regretted not joining the military fresh out of high school, I really would like to join but I don't like the countries we are fighting.
HOWEVER if we go to war against Israel..
I will join the ARMY< MARINES in a flash and be the first on the Front line. Come on USA I want to serve my country.

By all means, let's do both.
On top of the $114 billion gifts to feed America's favorite tapeworm: Israel.

Woody Stemms
Because Israel is the "Hebrew South Africa" and has Congress by the b@lls!


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  2. ts funny coming from the same folks who scream when Israel uses force to defend itself. A defensive technology to prevent another Middle East War still upsets them. There is no pleasing them!

  3. All of you anti -Israel bashers are forgetting something, Israel is on the front line of the war against Islam that has been imposed on all of the free world, and if you were in her shoes you would be guilty of worse, as they fight terrorist nations from civiian areas. When Palistinain civilians die, it is because they are using them as human sheilds, weather you want to see it ( thru your blinders) or not.
    Israel owes you nothing, and you owe Israel nothing, except some gratitde .