Sunday, July 18, 2010

HPW: Netanyahu 2001 Video

As I wrote on Saturday the video about Netanyahu "confessing" to "controlling" America (in the words of the HP) made a big splash on the HP, but wasn't covered anywhere else. Because of the Huffington Posts' enabling, anti-Semitism poured into the thread: Most of it was the kind of "I knew it! The Jews really do control America" but there were others as well, such as Nazi comparisons and conspiracy theories. Most troubling was an exchange where a group of peace-loving HP liberals hoped for a war with Israel and said they themselves would join the military if that were to happen.

The thread has now over 1300 comments and is fully moderated, not that you would know it from these comments:

Him and people like him are being aided by the likes of Joe Lieberman.
. can't stand any of them.. Come on CT kick Joe out. He does not have the best of CT and US in mind. The guy has a flag of Israel in his office for crying out loud.

Now...most of us already knew this didn't we?? that "we" were Israels puppet?? Its just nice to have proof. Gee..I wonder if this post will get "posted"..
..I'll be "SHOCKED" if it is...

Paul Houston
Somebody please help me, when people say that "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are true, how can I rebut them when Israeli politicians are saying stuff like this?

it says WHOLE LOT... ban dual citizenship and boot out foreign lobbyists.
it explains the changes in American Foreign policy that is not on the US interests... and they did start about 10 years ago

Netanyahu: America is our puppet.

Everyone knows that Israel has leaders who are manipulative. That is why there has not been peace yet. Emotional manipultation is what Israeli leaders are best at. If you disagree with most Israelis leaders, they will quickly call you an anti-semite. We have seen this tactic, over, and over.
Even a Jewish person, will quickly be called a self-hating Jew - if they dare to express that Israel has to stop building illegal settlements, and sincerley work toward peace.

Gee whiz, and all this time I thought they were our paid for puppet state, and now, it turns out to be the opposite...that's gratitude for you!
And that dog has a very powerful tail that has been wagging it for a long, long time.

Yes, every now and then even mass murderers like Bibi speak the truth. What he left out is how handsomely the US government is paid to "move" in any direction that Israel wishes. The USA govt. always has and always will put the interests of Israel above the interests of its own citizens.

The "why" are we the puppets..

Israel wants America to go to war against Iran. What does this mean. it means we will be forced to do the bidding of our masters. wake up

Perry Spillmore
Krek, if our government didnt condemn them for what they did on that Flotilla then dont expect them to do anything but come up with excuses for this guy or totally ignore it all together. Afdter all they are the very same people that are bought and paid for by Israel. They will not mock their employers.

Ain't gonna happen. Don't forget our representatives have and continue to be bought by Israel's lobby. Unfortunately, the power elite have sold their souls for money - Israel's interest comes before the interest of the American people.

Both houses of Congress are in the tank for AIPAC. They'll be no such letter.

What else is new here? Are the Americans in Israels pocket? Without a doubt...fu
nny how few comments there are here. probably the HP shutting anyone up that would speak up. This is only the tip of a minute iceberg......Americans will never be roused from their apathetic slumber.
Woody Stemms
The HP censors are, most probably, NY Hebrews.
That's the *only* explanation for the many deleted posts.
Maybe Netanyahu is right.
Maybe Israel *does* have America in their pocket.

Woody Stemms
The Israel Lobby certainly does.
They apparently have control of the HP "delete" keys.

Jesse Cargill
Netanyahu belongs in jail, or worse. His friend Ehud Barak was the mastermind behind the 911 false flag attacks. When do we attack Tel Aviv? Sign me up . . . ;-)
I'm with you man.
I haven't joined the US military because rarely if ever do they defend America let alone our freedoms. But start a drumbeat to war with Israel and ill sign up tomorrow.
Israel has to pay for what they did to us on 9/11 and on the USS Liberty.
dave in pa
Don't forget the king david hotel incident. They'll kill their own to generate sympathy.
Stephen Hill
I would join the Army or Marines in a second if we were going to war with Israel.

Jesse Cargill
only hating on unpunished, emboldened criminals here

all the smart ppl. know who did and organized 911, but as soon as someone dares to say anything they get labeled as crazy, lunatic, anti $emite....
Time to wake up and realized as to who is milking this country and to who’s rights the elected Zionist are protecting ours or the ones in Tel-aviv?

dave in pa
It's been clear for decades that israel doesn't want a compromise. We've (the US) been used for years and pumped for trillions of tax dollars.
Jews have been pulling the strings of our government since we carved out a spot for israel to exist. They just play our sympathy card, and we cave. I'm convinced that their government won't be happy until Palestinians are pushed into the ocean. With a wink and a nod, along with huge checks, we blindly go along with this.
We have to treat the world even-handidly of we want to experience a semblance of peace in our life times.

This is news? Israel has lead the USA around by the nose for decades. How many of our soldiers and citizens have died due to the confusion between the Biblical Israel and the modern state. Israel is arrogant and, for those who believe, probably due to be smited. God defended the Biblical Israel so let him defend the modern state if he chooses. Maybe the modern Israel has fallen out of favor again and is due for a lesson.

America's #2 man: Rahm Emanuel - Dual citizenship with Is rael and the US.
The #2 man certainly isn't Joe Biden.

Dan Stewart
As HuffPo see itself as becoming more and more part of establishment Washington, we will see ever-increasing censorship on HuffPo. That's the maturation behavior cycle.
Make no mistake, HuffPo is no longer a Liberal advocacy website -- it's a media asset.
Mission Accomplished. Mazel tov Arianna!

Is there anyone in the U.S. who does not know that our foreign policy in the mid-east is totally under the direction of Israel ??????

Enroh Mot
No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people.

Actually he meant it is easy to control America. Basically, what he is saying is not news. Mind you, only Israel finds it easy to do so.

The Israeli Security State - US Front
Janet Napolitano - Secretary of Department of Homeland Security
Michael Chertoff - Former Secretary of Department of Homeland Security
Paul A Schneider - Deputy Secretary of US Homeland Security.
Fred L. Schwien - Secretary of Operations of US Homeland Security.
Jay M. Cohen: Secretary for Technology of US Homeland Security.
Joe Lieberman - Chairman of DHS Committee in the Senate
Rahm Emmanual - Chief of Staff and #2 in the Obama Administration
[posted twice]

Grim Al
If any other nation were as successful in influencing and infiltrating our government as Israel, we'd have had McCarthy-like hearings on Capitol Hill long ago. Such inroads into the very core of our government are not those of a true ally but those of an adversary.

As long as Americans pay Wall Street and H'wood, this will continue.

Digusting - the sickening part is Bibi is for once telling the truth with this gloat
Brent Snowcroft said the same thing about George Bush being as if hypnotized or mesmerized by the Israelis. Sharon has gloated about having the US wrapped around their finger - all the Israeli pols say the same thing.
Thanks Sen Joe Lieberman and the rest of the Israeli Lobby - this is the result of the work of people like you and AIPAC and you should be ashamed though somehow I bet you and Charles Krauthammer are actually pleased as punch. Sickening
As for Obama I find it particular disturbing for our first American-American president to be acting as if in slavery for Israel - it's so demeaning and exactly the wrong lesson to teach our next generation. Not a slave by birth but a slave by choice for a little country in the Middle East - that's the lesson he's teaching his daughters and America.
Obama was not born on a plantation in the 1800s but by choice and by cowardice has to say 'yes, master' to Bibi and the Israelis. Unimaginable and so demeaning to the office of the Presidency and to America let alone himself
I've said this several times but it will take several great Americans going down and being destroyed before the 4th or 5th one remains standing in the face of AIPAC and Israel Lobby assaults and puts an end to this charade

This speech by N. also tends to confirm what many of us have suspected all along (and I emphasize "suspected" -- there is certainly no hard "proof"). _Israel manipulated and maneuvered th US into attacking _Iraq basically as a suggorate for _Israel whose mortal enemy _Saddam was well known to be.

Netanyahu is voicing what many of us know - that Israel has taken the US for a good ride.
They have manipulated the American people, and the Jewish lobby has made sure that they are portrayed as victims. Many gullible American people have opened up their wallets for the "poor "Israeli people, our Congress people and other leaders have made sure we support Israel financially and protects it from the International community, who fortunately can see Israel for what it is; an arrogant, bully, that terrorizers it's neighbors, and manipulates the US.
Netanyahu speaks the truth.

does anyone else feel like we invaded the wrong country?

The Clinton Administration was staffed by a group of morally corrupt fraudsters who profited by destroying the regulatory body in place since the Depression. Sadly, the same people are in charge of the Obama Administration and surprise, no one is jail and the money keeps rolling in.
The country is in a state of decadence and decline thanks to this crowd. That Netanyahu declares so boldly that he can manipulate the US government is not a secret. Everyone knows that the smart set controls everything and must be held accountable for the misery of 18 million unemployed Americans and the daily deaths of young American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. These people should be charged with crimes against humanity.

He was (and is) correct.
The American government with its "special interests" and "special relationships" is broken. People like Joe Lieberman are practically representatives of the government of Israel in the United States. Rahm Emanuel is a dual national and a former officer in the Israeli armed forces.Anyone with half a brain would have realized long ago that the American system of government is utterly broken and dysfunctional.. So, why are you, Americans, surprised when you hear it?

Don't worry more truth will come out. This is why Sen. Lieberman has put a bill into senate to put a kill switch there. To further control America and prevent the truth to come out.

Israel is not a moderate voice of reason and logic any more, unless it's the reason and logic of genocide. As for "old and loyal ally," I suggest you look up "the USS Liberty."

may 20
they exercise such control because they own the media. its that simple.

And, how much of the world sees this? Look what the israels did to Jimmy Carter in the media the world really sees....or look at Sen Charles Percy, a front runner in the 70s for president.
.his daughter was mysteriously killed and he dropped out of the race and into oblivion...he opposed our relationship with israel....yes, they control....where it counts..

Because Israel is not an ally, it is a cancer. Why are they afraid to fight for their own protection in Iraq?

ally? by what definition? I didn't mention cutting funds. Why are we funding them anyway. Zionist are always telling us that they invented everything and they are so much smarter with more of them having advanced degrees over our stupid peasant butts. Osama specifically said he hated us because of Israel and that his action on the US are because of Israel.

Wow Im shocked. Israel controls the US. Just kidding, not really shocked. I knew this for many years.

The fact that Netanyahu speaks Hebrew is testimonial to Zionism's ethnic cleansing.
At the first Zionist Congress in 1897, Zionist nationalists decided that they would ingather Jews from around the world into Palestine and expel the Gentile Palestinians who lived there to create a reversely discriminatory "Jewish" homeland for themselves.
The Zionist State was not created in reaction to discrimination faced in WW2. Plans for its formulation were conceived long before.
Long befoeWW2, Zionism founder Herzl wrote in his Diary of his political movement's dedication to increasing the oppression of Jews to advance his racist goal.
Long before WW2, Herzl was wrote openly about Jews being a "race" - like his mentor Hess.
Ariel Sharon said, "'... there is no Zionism, colonialisation, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands.' He understood the racist supremacy that is Zionism.
Hebrew was a dead language until revived by Zionists in order to give the false impression that the Ashkenazi Jews who make up the vast majority of Zionism's ingathered Jews have some historical, ancestoral, or genetic ties to the original Israelites.
Israel has the most racist law in the world - the Law of Return, which exludes all Gentiles.
Aryan Supremacy was wrong.
Zionism's Jewish Supremacy is wrong.
[follow up]
Of course. It [the Balfour Declaration] was their reward for making the US enter WWI.

Uh, you are not supposed to know those things, much less publicize them....Pe
ople have died for less when it comes to zionism being was ruled a form of racism years ago in the UN...but it is never mentioned....all we get is Holocaust movies and books...
You're right.
Remember, they are convinced they are God's "chosen people". Very dangerous.
The difference between WW2 Germany's concept of a "chosen people" and the Zionist State's concept of a "chose people" is simple.
In WW2 Germany, the "chosen people" were "Aryan".
From 1948 to the present, the Zionism's "chosen people" are Jewish.

Hassan Shoja
I those Hollywood holocaust movies will have their effects.

Enroh Mot
Democracy in America is being eaten away by the AIPAC cancer.

The racism and arrogance of the Zionists will be their undoing.

I wanted to puke when I watched President Obama kiss Mr. Netanyahu's you-know-what in their latest meeting.
I thought the President's nose was brown after that event.
Increasing numbers of Americans - me included - are increasingly ready to severely sanction this right-wing Israeli government which has certainly committed war crimes in the Gaza events.
As to these statements by Netanyahu, that's been clear to millions of us for a very long time. Afterall, the AIPAC is one of the owners of our entire government. And, they use our money to influence us.
Wipe your brown nose off, Mr. President.

The "Israeli Experiment" has obviously failed. Back to thge drawing board.

Israel is so fond of celebrating their democracy and THIS is the man that leads their country. They have never really had anyone who was much better. Why don't we just accept that Israel is a collective of bigots?

What is so infuriating is that we give them $3-billion a year and they use it to influence elections, pressure congressmen through their K-Street lobbies, set up honey-pot operations to blackmail members of Congress and otherwise bribe, cajole and use dual loyalists like Lieberman to write legislation.

It's all about the money with these racists. And the AIPAC controls Congress with it. Israel has the biggest mindset as to race segregation in the world.

I blame the succession of American governments, from Congress to the White House, that have abandoned our power and our principles to the immoral and aggressive Israelis. Only Jimmy Carter has had the courage to say the 1967 borders must be respected. One day we will be visiting Palestinian Holocaust Museums and bearing the shame of what we have allowed to happen to these people through the brutal and illegal occupation and oppression by Israel.

Is this really any news? Most of us were already aware of this whole scam called the peace process. Everyone around the world knows that the Izzies control the US (specifically congress) with its powerful lobbies.

Bush took all of his order directly from Israel. It's time to have a balanced foreign policy in the middle east. Not the Bush League policy that has brought Americans two endless wars.

Perry Spillmore
Yes he [a pro-Israel poster] doesnt wanna lose the gravy train to his homeland.
He will excuse anything or make it up if it protects israel and keeps them in our wallet

Yes, please stop letting Israel hoist itself by its own petard. We are supposed to pretend Israel is a lovable little nation that is friendly to us, as opposed to one that drops white phosphorous on children and executes America citizens.

Nothing new, Congress is occupied territory also.

Promisedland. Fatherland. Whatever.
Chosen One. Master Race. What's the difference?

Manipulation of US policy by Israel has a very long history. It is only possible because there is a significant and dedicated Israel-First cabal living as 'citizens' of the United States. And they are happy that what Yahu says is absolutely correct - correct now as is was in 1991 and as it was in Menachem Begin's time.

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  1. Yup. A statement taken out of context from a 10 year old video is used to show Israel has harmed the US national interests. And the critics never consider the other side of the picture - how Israel has helped the US over that same period of time. If you don't want to find balance then of course you will see only what you want to see about Israel. That's really the case here, isn't it? Netanyahu wasn't in office in 2001 and he gets blamed today for something that isn't relevant anymore.

    Go figure.