Friday, July 9, 2010

HPW: Israeli Soldiers Dancing

Last week the Huffington Post published a story about how the Israelis soldiers who were filmed dancing in Hebron dodged punishment for their stunt. If you haven't already seen the video yet you can find it on the HP's article.

I wanted to showcase some of the comments from the 300+ post thread not because they are necessarily abusive or anti-Semitic but just because it shows how even in a harmless story like this one that HPers bent over backwards to find something, anything to get upset at Israel about. Most people just claimed it was "offensive" and left it at that. Some also tried to make a big deal about the fact it was done during the Muslim call to prayer (as if that should stop military operations) and a couple even tried to sell the story that Israel had staged it for propaganda purposes. I suggest you give them a read.

Backspace2525This is another example of barbaric behavior by the occupiers.
jamilk99So the Palestinian Muslims should be grateful that all they did was disrespect their religion and not shoot them?
elisha jobExactly Jamil. And people tend to selectively forget that the people of Gaza are living in concentration camps very similar to what happened to them. Behind walls and fences with little food or supplies and no shelter. Very, very sad.
amsamI found this video disgusting - not "cute" and not "funny". They were able to dodge punishment?
So what's new? - with Israel that's been happening for years.
elisha jobThe video shows six soldiers patrolling as a Muslim call to prayer is heard.
Disrespectful and despicable.
MatthewRobertsonI am still interested to find out if they did this during the Islamic call to prayer? The man on the loudspeaker before Ke$ha began to sing sounded a lot like the call to prayer, I heard in while I was in India, but I am not sure. Does anyone know? Because if they DID do this during the Islamic call to Prayer, then it is seriously offensive, and thier intentions were to be offensive.
amsamSo go cry to the Europeans. And if this diatribe was meant to make people feel sorry for you - umm, it's not working. You're treating the Palestinians worse than how the Jews were treated, through no fault of their own. Your time for pity expired a long time ago.
MatthewRobertsonOh please, this isn't a part of life! This was done deliberately to disrupt and offend. They chose this exact moment to do this outlandish stunt. If they would have waited for 10 minutes, it probably wouldn't have been a big deal, but they didn't. They did this, while patroling an Islamic community, during one of the holiest points in the day.
WhitneyKyleWhat's funny about soldiers walking around a neighborhood looking for people to kill?
digitaljediTheir just taking a well deserved break, killing civilians and denying people their basic human rights really takes it out of you.....
persianadvocateWho finds this humor appropriate when the IDF is accused, with solid basis and justification, for apartheid-like policies, causing humanitarian concerns in line with genocidal actions, murder, torture, oppression, and piracy?
What Chutzpah -- it deserves a backhanded slap straight to the lips. Petty child...
persiandvocateIt was intended to appear that way [“deeply human]. The same army that hasn't hesitated to snuff the souls of well over 300 Palestinian children in just 1 week of 2009 alone. Not to mention the 1000+ other dead children who would like to give you a stern reply.
I'm not disappointed in you, Andy. I think you are just such a good person that you wouldn't recognize evil in others if you saw it at times.
WhitneyKyleThere would be no Hamas or Fatah if Israel were a moral country.

persianadvocateDiscipline for showing an amiable side but ZERO discipline for commuting international violations against the law, like the killing of BABIES (YES, BABIES), children, women and the elderly, who clearly could not have been a part of Hamas during Cast Lead?
*spits on everything Israel stands for then*
Stephan Smithyea let us laugh, I can't think of anything more hilarious then men with riffles and armor dancing to a Kei$ha song will paroling the once quite streets where children used to play. yes this is comic gold. only thing missing was a nice head-shot on one of the civilians.
... sick bastards
g20bricPlease. They aren't soldiers. This is just another Israel's propaganda tricks. Those guys dance quite well so I bet you they were hired to act like soldiers. Hollywood must be stunned since very cheap videos like this can be more effective and fun than eclipse movie.
GCitizenYea, they are just a bunch of normal guys dancing fot the cameras before they continue terrorizing Palestinians off camera.
wm1066So we are supposed to like the Israeli soldiers because they do a dance? This was choreographed at the highest level to create sympathy for the soldiers, and to show they are human and not thugs.
alysheba3Wow, they really don't like the thought that you can see through them, do they?
alysheba3By the way, congratulations on the new job. How well does Hasbara agent pay? I'm sure there are more unemployed who might like the job.


  1. To Israel's enemies, Jewish happiness is offensive. And no doubt the Jews' right to breathe equally offends them as well. It not what the Jew does that most arouses their ire - its the Jew's existence that bothers them to no end.

  2. To radical Muslims, the mere act of breathing by Jews is offensive.
    And we all know what happens when Muslims are "offeneded".