Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HP Gives Triple Coverage To Conversion Story

For American Jews the big story coming out of Israel lately has not been the Iron Dome but the controversy surrounding a proposed new conversion law that would give more power in the hands of the Ultra-Orthodox for the purposes of deciding who is a Jew. All of our favorite bloggers have been writing about the issue so I don't feel the need to link to them.

Anyway, apparently the HP decided to give this news story extra special awesome coverage. They published not one but three articles on the topic, all of which were billed as news stories in their "World" or "Religion" section.

The first was published in the world section and was about how the new conversion bill was threatening the stability of Netanyahu's government. It received 141 comments.
The second was about Netanyahu himself and how he wasn't approaching the conversion bill with a very friendly attitude. That racked up 44 comments.
The third was posted in the religion section, rehashing what the other two had already said, and that was where it thrived with 314 comments.

I wonder why the HP thought this news (though important to Jews) was really worth all of that coverage. Maybe it's because there were quite a few comments like this:

Or maybe I'm just paranoid.

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  1. Actually, the David Rotem bill would put conversions in the hands of the State Rabbinate and expedite the entire process. That's quite different from saying it would be put in the hands of haredi rabbis. And its to be noted the bill does not affect in the slightest the status of American Jews.