Sunday, July 25, 2010

HP Gives Anti-Boycott Article Headline...Why?

Check out today's Huffington Post front page:

Obviously the article we are interested in is the anti-boycott article down at the bottom. If you check out the article itself, it's not particularly well-written nor is there a whole lot of news contained within it. It's more like an opinion piece then anything else: Which makes me wonder why exactly the HP decided to give it top billing.

If you compare, it has almost as many comments by now as North Korea threatening nuclear war. And more than a few of them are comments like these:

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  1. Why the fuss over Israel's actions? If you want to deal with alleged Israeli evil, they are minuscule in comparison to others and they haven't resulted in widespread human calamity yet. For some reason, critical thinking deserts people on the subject on HP's own talkback threads.