Thursday, July 8, 2010

Historical Fail of the Day

Yesterday the anti-Zionist Huffington Poster "barefoot2626" decided he was going to give us a lecture about the Hebron Massacre. As you are probably aware, Zionists use the Hebron Massacre of 1929 as a perfect illustration of how the Arabs of Palestine were moved to violence not by occupation or land theft but by the very thought of a Jewish state (of any size).

But according to barefoot, this was because of actions in Jerusalem. Here is the post:

One little problem with this account, though. The Wailing Wall is in Jerusalem, not in Hebron.

Later down the page he tried to clarify his position by saying that although the riot started in Jerusalem it spread to Hebron, so really it was still the Jews' fault for inflaming the Muslims. Here is what he left out of his history, though.
-The so-called "storming" of the wall was a march that had been approved in advance with the authorities. Sound familiar?
-The march was peaceful, the Arab response was not. Even if it's okay for Arabs to start murdering Jews for saying the wall is "theirs" and peacefully demonstrating, does that mean the Jews can do the same?
-History demonstrates clearly that the Arabs were moved to violence by rumors that the Jews were going to take the Al-Aqsa Mosque, not the Western Wall. Muslims have never cared all that much about the Western Wall, have they?

It just goes to show, there is no history in this conflict that anti-Zionists won't try to rewrite for the purposes of endlessly shifting blame back to the Jews.


  1. Matt,

    You might also mention that the vast majority of the Arab deaths in the 1929 riots were caused by British troops, who were protecting Jews from Arab rioters. Arabs killed 133 Jews in 1929 -- Jews did not kill Arabs (except for a small number of cases that were clearly self-defense and possibly one or two killings in retaliation for the earlier killings by Arabs).

    The poster dishonestly presents the number of Arab deaths but says nothing about who caused them because he wants to portray the riots as some kind of mutual communal violence. They were nothing of the sort. They were a straightforward pogrom, incited by Muslim Arab religious and political leaders on the basis of a completely fabricated claim of a Jewish threat to the Al Aqsa mosque. Any violence by the Jews was tiny by comparison with the initial Arab violence.


  2. The Anti-Zios excuse and defend Arab rejectionism and extremism for the same reason the Arabs do: they reject Jewish nationalism and sovereignty in the Land Of Israel. Its not Jewish national rights with which they are concerned. That is the furthest thing from the truth - and will always be.