Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gaza Rap Update!

Remember when Iara Lee wrote an article about the awesome and cool Arab hip-hop artists, and how they were going to lead the resistance through their cool dancing and lyrics?

Well, I wonder if she is now going to cover this story:
"Many youths, who make up the majority of Gaza's 1.5 million residents, are stuck between Hamas' strict version of Islam and an Israeli-Egyptian blockade that keeps them locked in with little work.
Inside, however, creativity blooms, sometimes clashing with traditional Gaza social codes or Hamas' standards of acceptable behaviour.
Rap, for one, raises suspicion.
"When we started, everyone said, 'Why are they wearing baggy clothes? Why do they greet each other like that?'" said Ayman Mghamis, 25, of Palestinian Rapperz, one of Gaza's 10 or so rap groups.
Gazans started accepting them, he said, but the Hamas government didn't.
Hamas police broke up a show in March that contained a rap act. Police said the event lacked permits, but the rappers took it as a cue to keep their heads down. While underground, the rappers distribute songs on the Internet and perform at events organized by international organizations, which they say keeps authorities at bay....
Underground activities are rare for Gaza women, who have greater housekeeping duties and are expected to be discreet in public."
 You know. Since she is so interested in Gaza's rappers.

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  1. There is no freedom of expression or real equality in Gaza.

    So much for Lara Lee's talk about Arabs breaking new cultural barriers. In some places, it is impossible to do so.