Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Further Evidence Or Coincidence?

On July 3rd "EnMasse" posted the following comment:

We know that Sharmine Narwani principally works in England from her HP bio but there was nothing there about her childhood, nor we were able to find anything about her background online. If anyone could find something to prove or disprove yet another similarity between these two users, that would be great.

Update: Matt has found that in "EnMasse"'s comments, there are about 146 posts in news, 119 in blog posts other than ones written by Sharmine Narwani, and 89 in Sharmine Narwani article threads. Is that disproportionately high, do you think?


  1. If you follow that, either they are same person operating from different accounts or they are a married couple. I'm inclined to follow Occam's Razor on the subject of EnMasse's true identity.

  2. She is a Sindhi, of south Asian origin.