Sunday, July 18, 2010

Did You Know That...

Jim Crow exists in Lebanon?
"Imagine you’re a domestic worker who, after six days of working full-time, decided to head to the beach for a well-deserved day in the sun. You purchase a ticket to enter,  find the perfect spot, but then, right as you’re about to jump in the pool, the resort manager approaches and tells you to stay out of the water because “people are not used to the sight of workers swimming.”

Such discrimination is the rule rather than exception at beach resorts in Lebanon. African and Asian domestic workers are usually allowed into beaches only when accompanied by their employer, and even then they are denied access to facilities."
The article is from 2009 but somehow I don't think anything will have changed. Thanks to Ahmed Moor for linking to it in his Guardian article.

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  1. The Lebanese are racist? That's news to HP posters. I wonder how many comments it will attract? Not many from the crowd that constantly bash Israel for alleged acts of discrimination and outright racism against minorities. Its not politically correct to call Arabs on their racism even though they clearly practice it throughout the Arab World. Besides hating the Jews, they hate any one who is not an ethnic Arab. And even then they hate ethnic Arabs known as the Palestinian Arabs, too. But don't expect too much coverage about it on the HP.