Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Conservation Worth Sharing (Part 1)

I had a couple of conversations with a user named "Yank in France" yesterday. Previously this user has always been pretty moderate but our exchanges today would seem to indicate a shift of some kind. I thought I would provide the first example of them here. Here is the original link.
"Hi Krystie,
This story was interesting the first time I read it quite some time ago. Israel's supporters keep having their "friends" in the media rehash this very same story again and again and AGAIN.
So enjoy the read and don't worry about forgetting the details, because this will definitely not be the last time you'll see it! -:)"
 I asked him what he meant. He responded:
"I am really soooh glad you asked.
But let's hear YOUR answer to the question:
The Jews control the media and the constitute a CONSPIRARY8
Now, would you like to hear MY answer?
Jews are NOT conspiring against America or anyone else. They are individuals with their own dreams and their own anguish, and, above all, share the same concerns others ethnic groups and individuals have!
Yet, it would be folly to deny Jewish influence in the media with which I have zero problem.
However, I do have a problem when people are emotionally polarized that they present a onesided view and black out opposing views, as the US media has done for the past 60 years!
Many Jews are also objecting to this influence and are saying so in no uncertain terms!
So despite all your guilt-baitng, attempts to distract discussions of geoplitical matters and of human rights issues and moves to shut people up, Americans are taking an increasingly critical view toward Israel!
So guilt bait all you like; you are on the wrong side of history. My job is to make sure America get on the right side!!"
 As much as the preemptive counter to the charge of anti-Semitism was a good plan, I still think it is interesting that "Jewish influence" necessarily translates to "pro-Israel bias." The implication is that Jews who work in the media (and they definitely do) aren't capable of being objective in regards to the Jewish state. In fact they are so heavily biased that it leads to "a one sided view and blacking out of opposing views" not only among Jews but (through Jewish influence) the entire US media. Hm.

He clarifies his position further down the page, though the post is slightly edited for length:
"Now, to answer your (umpteenth duplicitious) question: Israel has been and remains a very emotional issue for most Jews, which is understandable. In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the vast majority of American Jews were Israel, right or wrong, and any criticism of it was seen as the most vile form of anti-semitism. And these very strong feelings were registered in the US media coverage of Israel.
Today, US media coverage is still heavily biased in favor of Israel, but more and more prominent and reputable Jews feel a real disconnect with the increasingly radicallized Jewish population of Israel, as many secular Israelis leave the country.
Also, these Jews see themselves as Americans first, which is not the case with everyone. Does that sound close to home?"
Leaving aside this baseless claim about "any criticism was seen as anti-Semitism," he again repeats himself with this idea that strong feelings that American Jews in general felt toward Israel translates into media bias. In fact he also implies the only way for the American media to going to stop being biased is for American Jews to disconnect with Israel. Apparently it is not possible for American Jews to remain objective or to keep their personal feelings out of their work. All of this translates to two  things, whether Yank realizes it or not: Jews are untrustworthy, and untrustworthy Jews control the media. For if the Jews didn't control the media, then how could their feelings change the way America's media covers events? Especially to the level of "heavy bias?"

This makes me think about how even the most moderate people who have nothing against the Jews can be so easily sucked in by packaged anti-Zionist myths. My suspicions were backed up in our next exchange.

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  1. There is a perception that Jews have an overwhelming influence on American feelings and policy decisions regarding Israel.

    The anti-Zios would have people believe that is indeed the case.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.