Thursday, July 29, 2010

Comment of the Day

The Oliver Stone thread is a gift that keeps on giving:

I think this comment more than any other just shows how far out of the mainstream the people on the Huffington Post truly are.

They have created exclusively in their minds an all-powerful "Jewish lobby" that quite literally controls everything in America. They also claim that the Jews will silence anyone who says something critical of Israel, and then proceed to make Critical Comment #1189 in a thread full of discourse about Israel and the Jews. Of course, they never see the irony in this.

They claim that the Jews play the victim but can never find an example.

They claim that Israel uses the Holocaust as justification for their actions against the Palestinians but can never find an example.

And they claim that the Jews call anyone who they don't like an "anti-Semite," but yet again never are able to produce an example of this.

What I find so amazing about this is that no amount of facts will convince them that none of these complaints are real. And different posters in different threads all make the same complaints! It's like they were coached to do it. If someone can come up with an explanation for this phenomenon I would love to hear it.

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  1. Israel-bashing has little do with the truth. The same scurrilous charges are repeated ad nauseum. One would think that people would refrain from saying things that are not true. I think the explanation for the phenomenon is irrationality compels people to do things that are foreign to them. It works on a different level with the anti-Israel crowd: such irrationality has made them so accustomed to all their wild libels and slanders that they pour upon Israel, that appeals to reason and the truth have no effect whatsoever upon the perception they hold of the Jewish State.