Monday, July 5, 2010

BoJ Exclusive: Narwani = EnMasse?

One of the sharp eyed pro-Israel posters on the HP, Hedonist, has come to us with very enlightening information about the HP blogger Sharmine Narwani (you may have heard of her, I think we posted about her once or twice). He has shown us an interesting conversation he had with Narwani about her newfound love, CENTCOM, and how he disagrees to her as to the significance of CENTCOM's actions regarding Hamas and Hezbollah. But we're not so interested in the conversation topic as how the conversation progressed.

Here's the initial post:

Click to zoom in on the image, and read Narwani's comment very carefully. The most important parts are that Narwani "spoke to CENTCOM on both occasions" and "did not dispute a single piece of Perry's article".

Now, Hedonist brings up this point later on in the thread, and who should respond to his post but the following user:

It's EnMasse, a user we covered here. This comment, posted by EnMasse, was quickly deleted after it became immediately obvious to Hedonist that EnMasse was simply a sock puppet account for Sharmine Narwani. There can be little doubt EnMasse's comment came from Narwani, it had identical phrases and chastised Hedonist for their previous conversation, one that "EnMasse" did not participate in. By the way, Sharmine Narwani (as herself) makes a similar comment in the same thread here.

If it turns out that EnMasse is confirmed to be Narwani's account, it tells us two things: 1. This is a flagrant violation of HP rules, something that bloggers are supposed to know, and 2. It shows a far more deep seated hatred of Israel from Narwani than we thought. I think I'll take this opportunity to reprint "EnMasse"s worst comments.

"“Actually, there are a few of her. They are called Zionists. Those beasts come with all kinds of different stripes. Lots of Egyptian and Jordanian zionists in their respective governments. Some of the most heinous torture chambers in Egypt are run by Zionists."

""Don't tell me who I can compare Israel to. There is no decency about Israel - a group of ethno-nationalists (just exactly like the Nazis and their Aryan race) decide to create a state and begin a colonial-settler movement to wipe out a people from their nation so that they can have it. And because they have a mastery of western sophistication, language and connections, they manipulate this heinous crime to seem as though they are the victims."

"No, Israel most certainly does not have a right to exist. Horrible little nation. Will do anything to survive, including pushing for a clash of civilizations.”

"That entire state occupies land that was taken illegally by foreign colonizers. As such, the occupied have every right to reclaim that territory with whatever means they have at their disposal."

"Might I suggest that any US citizen that contributes via this Telethon to the coffers of a nation standing accused of war crimes be immediately and irrevocably stripped of their citizenship. Don't worry about them - a "homeland" awaits..."

"Israel has dragged us into numerous wars and conflicts and made the US a major target for radicalized people who are sick to death of our hyporcisy and active policies that kill their people. We would never have entered Iraq if it weren't for the Neocon-Zionist machinations, and we never would have been attacked on September 11 if it weren't for our knee-jerk support of Israel's conitnued crimes against humanity."

PLEASE let the HP know about this abusive HP blogger by emailing here


  1. This is double posting... is Narwani EnMasse or vice versa?

    If EnMasse is a banned poster, it should be simple enough to compare his computer ip with hers. Its probably the same one for both!

  2. If (and it's a big IF) it can be proven that she is using a sock puppet then she should be held up to ridicule and exposed by a letter to the Oxford University Media.

    I have always assumed that the reason for the massive counts of anti-Israel posts is partly due to sock-puppets on the HP. I also believe that the reason this happens is funding of the de-legitimization campaign emanating from Saudi/Kuwaiti supported NGOs. In effect this is unregulated public lobbying by foreign entities using the NGOs as cover. It extends down to individuals in academia, think tanks, and media. I wish the Justice Dept. would open an investigation of the de-legit campaign an expose these foreign money connections for what they are - meddling in American Democracy by through exploitation of our own our democratic tools.

  3. Narwani's responses alone should be reason enough to remove her from writing articles/blogs on HP. She is a rabid Israel hater, and terrorist sympathizer. Her views are fitting with those of extreme Islamic fundamentalists. Seems she's been indoctrinated with hate towards Israel from a very early age,and is not capable of accepting Israels existence. She's a Arab revanchist who wishes for the destruction of Israel.

  4. Enmasse=female Narwani=female

    Enmasse posted... IDF are weak, and run away from battles, according to Robert Fisk

    Narwani posted... almost exact identical statement about the IDF

    Enmasse member since Dec.2009
    Narwani member since Sept 2009

    July 2/10 7:18 pm Enmasse makes response berating poster and quoting a paragraph from Ms.Narwani's article to make her point.

  5. Also

    Enmasse: posted, she grew up in London, England

    Narwani: Works at University of Oxford, England

  6. Anonymous, if you have links saved to those conversations you described, I would be most appreciative.