Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Video of British Naval Expert On Gaza Raid

CiFWatch found a great video of a British naval expert analyzing the videos of the Israeli raid on the Gaza ships. Check it out, and notice how he found a frame making it clear they were using paintball guns:


  1. The paintball gun argument is farcical, and I really cannot understand why the entire world isn't laughing it off the stage.

    Commandos are descending from helicopters, in the middle of the night, to a ship full of wound up people who obviously felt threatened by the Israeli intervention.

    How on earth are those people supposed to know that the all too obvious weapons are paintball guns? Are they supposed to ask? "Are those paintball guns?"

    Quite, quite, quite farcical, that Israel is daring to complain that those wound up people should have taken the time and trouble to identify the weaponry before defending themselves.

    "Tell me, before I defend myself, is that a toy or a real gun?"


    Loud laughter.

    Prolonged loud laughter, all round.

  2. I agree.
    Thought the shadow does look like a paint gun, you have to wonder where all the paint pellet stains are?
    If I had them, I'd show them. No photos I have seen ahve any paint pellets.
    Based on what I have seen, this has very little credibility.

    Hey Brothers.
    Please do try to hone your detective skills a bit.