Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Video is Worth A Million Words

As I have been writing over the past few days, the Internet has come alive with videos of the Gaza ship raid. Videos come from both sides, each claiming to offer "the truth" and "what really happened." The anti-Israel side claims to have video evidence of a "massacre," while the Israeli government has videos of what they are calling "an attempted lynching." What I find interesting is the lack of video evidence that has appeared on the Huffington Post, or in fact any kind of multimedia on the topic. In most of the articles (and there have been many) the actual description of the raid (and the mob violence that occurred) is buried in mountains of text. For example, check out the text of the original article. The part highlighted is the only two sections in which the mob violence is described:

Who is going to stop and read all of that, right? It is therefore no surprise that apparently most of the talkbackers on the thread were under the impression the passengers were unarmed and were minding their own business when the Israelis cruelly killed them. But I'm getting off topic: The point is that there are many videos that the Huffington Post could publish to give their readers a more direct impression about what happened....if they chose to. I have already published some videos but Solomonia has a nice round up to give you an impression of what is out there.

And the Huffington Post did publish one news article that claimed to have video evidence of what happened. What videos did they choose to show, out of all of those available? Click below to find out.

The Huffington Post published a grand total of four videos. Two of them were from Al Jazeera. The first one was basically just a reporter talking. The second used footage from both Al Jaz and PressTV, which should tell you something right there. What the second video showed was simply Israeli soldiers repelling onto a ship, and then cut to injured passengers. It strikes me as very selective editing: Sure a reporter embedded on the ship would be able to get footage of the Israelis mowing down the passengers by the dozens, if such a thing actually happened?

The third was a video from the IDF which actually showed the protesters attacking the IDF soldiers. It isn't the best video the IDF released but it isn't bad either. Most of the talkbackers ignored it. And finally we have the last Youtube video. Check out that title:

The actual video was not so provocative, it was just a repeat of the same news stories that they had above. It did show around 6:00 an IDF soldier being stabbed by an activist, but somehow I doubt that the HP readers made it that far. The headline alone was probably all they saw. Add it to the list.

Finally, Jacob Shryman wrote a blog post which contained videos and weapons of the confiscated weapons about the MM. He also published the video of protesters attacking the IDF soldiers and chanting for victory over Israel. The Huffington Posters immediately dismissed it as "propaganda." What else is new?

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