Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update On Sharmine Narwani's Flotilla

As I wrote yesterday, Sharmine Narwani wrote an article talking about how peaceful the latest Hezbollah backed flotilla from Lebanon is, because all of the women who are on it are so nice and friendly. Thanks to zombie I found a relatively old article with new information about the flotilla organizers, none of which made it into Ms. Narwani's article:

"Women are “the new secret weapon” in use against the “thieving enemy," said Samar Alhaj, the woman leading the Lebanese boat that is scheduled to try to break the naval blockade...Asked on Radio A-Shams by Zohair Bahloul why the ship, Mariam, would only be carrying women, she said, “We are women in order not to give the thieving enemy an excuse to use arms against the ship.” She said the ship would be carrying cancer medication for children, and women suffering from breast cancer and cancer of the uterus due to “chemical bombs” dropped on Gaza by Israel.
"Speaking of Israel, she said, “the entity that was not defeated will be defeated by women that will come on the boat. Our weapon is cancer medication."
"Meanwhile, Yasser Kashlak, a Syrian businessman of Palestinian descent who heads the “Free Palestine Organization” and is funding this boat, as well as another that is to carry journalists and parliamentarians, said over the weekend on Hizbullah’s al-Manar television station that he was more and more optimistic that one day these same boats would take “Europe’s refuse [the Jews] that came to my homeland back to their homelands.
 "Gilad Schalit should go back to Paris and those murderers go back to Poland, and after that we will chase them until the ends of the earth to bring them to justice for their acts of slaughter from Deir Yassin until today.” Kashlak, a fervent Hizbullah supporter, called Israel a “rabid dog sent to the region to frighten the Arabs. He said he had a message for Israelis: ‘Get on the ships we are sending you and go back to your lands. Don’t let the moderate Arab leaders delude you, [you] cannot make peace with us. Our children will return to Palestine, you have no reason for coexistence. Even if our leaders will sign a peace agreement, we will not sign.’” He said the boat carrying journalists and parliamentarians will carry 12 former American diplomats as well.."

Gee, they don't sound like terrorists at all, do they? Clearly Mr. Ben Cohen is just being racist for thinking that!


  1. They sound like a bunch of humanitarians, alright. Except when it comes to the Jews.

  2. They sounds like freedom fighters to me. People whose land was colonized resisting the occupation and insisting that the colonialists go home. How does that make them "terrorists" exactly? Were Indians terrorists when they sent the Brits packing? Was Nelson Mandela a terrorist? Yes, he was on the state dept's terrorist list, but that was as stupid as putting the PLO on that list. Both had liberation battles they were fighting and did not target civilians as a mainstay of their policies. Unlike Israel, which targets civilians specifically in their occupation - and in their wars.