Monday, June 28, 2010

Teach the Children War

The anti-Zionists on the Huffington Post endlessly talk about Palestinian children above all other populations involved in the conflict. Usually it is to tell us about how they are dying, going hungry, or otherwise being oppressed by Israel. In other words, they wave the bloody shirt. Of course, in order to make these kind of appeals to morality and pity they need to leave out much in the way of salient information. The most prominent examples of those would be the Palestinian use of children as soldiers, suicide bombers and human shields, but indoctrination is another key part of Palestinian life that is often overlooked. Solomonia has found two really good examples:

This kind of thing coming out of the Palestinian territories tells us many things:

1) That "Zionist oppression" on it's own is not enough to stoke the Palestinian population to violence. This contradicts the anti-Zionist refrain that terrorism is a "natural reaction" to what Israel does. If that were the case, indoctrination of this kind would not be necessary. The use of terrorism and violence by the Palestinians is a choice made by their leaders. It always has been.
2) That the Palestinian leadership does not mind teaching their children hatred all the time, even when they are not actively at war or preparing for an intifada. Which in turn indicates that they intend to perpetuate the conflict for decades into the future. If they expected the conflict to end (one way or another) within ten years, there would be no need to teach a two-year-old murderous hatred.
3) Like #1, this shows that the anti-Semitism and hatred that we see among the Palestinians is not a reaction to Israeli misdeeds. Again, if were really the Israelis who were teaching Palestinian children to hate Israel, then television programs and indoctrination like this would be redundant and unnecessary.

The anti-Zionists will probably respond to this by claiming "the Jews do it too!" Just like they always do when confronted with Palestinian misdeeds that are too big to play down or ignore. But you will not find anything like this among the mainstream media in Israel. You never will. And the AZs wonder why America supports Israel over the Palestinians.

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  1. The point is those who sit in judgment of Israel ignore the real human rights abuses from the other side. They are not even handed in their concern for human rights, due process, justice and equal treatment. Just the opposite. They know it and those who defend the Jewish State know it.